Michel Temer was the leader of the criminal organization of the PMDB, accuses Rodrigo Janot

This is the second criminal complaint the Attorney General of the Republic against President Michel Temer.
15/09/2017 09h46 - Updated 15/09/2017 17h18
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The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, President Michel Temer accused or (PMDB) having been a leader of the criminal organization of his party since May 2016. Fear was denounced by Janot Thursday, 14.

This is the second criminal complaint against Janot Temer. Three days before the expiration of his term, Attorney General charges the president criminal organization and obstruction of justice. It is the ultimate arrow shot from Janot against Temer.

In June, Janot accused for the first time the president for accepting bribes in the case JBS. The complaint, however, It was defeated in the House in August.

Now, the prosecutor accused the members of the so-called “quadrillion Chamber of PMDB”. They are accused the chairman, his closest allies Eduardo Cunha, Henrique Alves, Geddel Vieira Lima, Rodrigo Rocha Loures, Eliseu Padilha and Moreira Franco.

According to the complaint, they practiced illegal actions in exchange for bribes through the use of various public agencies, as Petrobras, Furnas, savings bank, Ministry of National Integration and House of Representatives.

There is also charging the crime of obstructing justice because of the undue payments to prevent Lúcio Funaro firmasse winning collaboration agreement. In this sense, Michel Temer is accused of instigating Joesley Batista to pay, by Ricardo Saud, Roberta advantages Funaro, sister of Lúcio Funaro. The three are accused of embarrassing investigations into offenses committed by the criminal organization. Despite attempts, Lúcio Funaro signed award-winning collaboration agreement with the Attorney General's Office, which was approved by the Supreme Court, and the information provided in the complaint

The PGR asks the break Survey 4327 in relation to the conduct of Joesley Batista and Ricardo Saud, to be judged by the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba. To the investigation 4483, he asks copy the file be referred to the Judicial Section of the Federal District, to evaluate the conduits Lúcio Funaro, Roberta Funaro e Eduardo Cunha. Janot explains the dimension of the complaint that some of the evidence was obtained from the collaboration agreements with Joesley Batista and Ricardo Saud, who suffered non-compliance by termination clauses, but this does not limit the use of the evidence presented.

criminal organization
According to the PGR, developed the scheme allowed the accused to receive at least R $ 587 million bribe. The complaint explains that the political core of the organization was composed also by members of the PP and PT, that made specific political subnuclei, and other members of the so-called “PMDB do Senado”. to Janot, in May 2016, with the reformulation of the political core of the criminal organization, the members of “Chamber PMDB”, especially Michel Temer, They came to occupy prominent role that had once been the PT members because of the concentration of power in the Presidency.

The RMP is a historical record of appointments and positions occupied since Lula was victorious in presidential elections and needed more space under the National Congress. As for the group “Chamber PMDB”, negotiations support began to orbit, around 2006, primarily around two interests: the extension of the Provisional Contribution on Financial Transactions (CPMF); and the need for government base of expansion due to the process “mensalão” which had weakened the political power of the dome of the integrated Federal Executive Branch by members of the PT.

These issues were negotiated by Michel Temer and Henrique Alves, as President and leader of the PMDB, who agreed with the ticket “Chamber PMDB” the government's base in exchange for key positions, such as the Presidency of Furnas, the Vice President of Government Funds and Lotteries in Savings, the Ministry of National Integration, the International Petrobras Board, among others. no day 30 November 2006, the National Council approved the PMDB integration legend, en bloc, Allied base of the Lula government.

Regarding the interaction between the political and administrative centers of the criminal organization, the distribution of the positions held by the members of this core (administrative) under the federal government has always been a dynamic process, involving constant tension with the head of the federal executive branch and marked by strong internal disputes by spaces. That's because everyone was interested in public office to guarantee them the best value in terms of collecting bribes.

According to the complaint, the role of negotiating positions together with the other members of the political core of the criminal organization, in the case of the subnucleus “Chamber PMDB”, It was played by Michel Temer more stable, for he was the great articulator for the unification of the party around the Lula government. After defining the spaces to be occupied by the group of accused, Michel Temer and Henrique Eduardo Alves, the latter Party leader do between 2007 e 2013, They were responsible for the internal distribution of higher positions, and therefore they received portion of the fee collected by Moreira Franco, Geddel Vieira Lima, Eliseu Padilha and especially Eduardo Cunha.

Eliseu Padilha, Geddel Vieira Lima, Henrique Eduardo Alves, Moreira Franco and Rodrigo Loures have close and long-standing relationship with Michel Temer, because there never needed to make use of intermediaries in direct talks with that. It was they who were the interface with the administrative and economic centers of the criminal organization about the illicit affairs of direct interest of Michel Temer, what, in turn, I had the role to negotiate with the other members of the political core of the criminal organization the positions to be appointed by his group and was the only group that had some kind of rise over all.

The Attorney General advises that, in addition to practicing criminal offenses in Brazil, the criminal organization acquired transnational, which can be demonstrated, mainly, by two of its money laundering mechanisms: international bank transfers, most of the time with the masking levels of three or more distance to the origin of the values; and acquiring financial institution headquartered abroad, in order to control the compliance practices and, like this, hindering the work of authorities.

Transitional government
According to the complaint, explains the rapid rise of Eduardo Cunha in the PMDB and the criminal organization, among other factors, by its direct and incisive role in the collection of lawful or unlawful values; and the mapping and control that made of positions and people who help in your projects. In 2015, the relationship between the members of “Chamber PMDB” and former President Dilma Rousseff was badly shaken, especially the dismissal of Moreira Franco Civil Aviation Secretariat without setting with Michel Temer.

Early 2015, Eduardo Cunha decided not to observe the alternation agreement between PT and PMDB and launched a candidate for President of the Chamber of Deputies in a dispute with the PT candidate Arlindo Chinaglia. This episode marked a major turning point in the relationship between the members of the political core of the criminal organization “Chamber PMDB” e do PT. The chiefs of the PMDB thought the government was not acting to stop the Operation Lava jet in relation to “allies” why they wanted the investigation from harming the PMDB; already members of PT's criminal organization suspected that those wanted to make a political maneuver to ward off the then President Dilma power and take his place.

In March 2016, PMDB decided to formally leave the government coalition and, in April 2016, impeachment opening request of President Dilma Rousseff was approved by the House of Representatives. Michel Temer took the presidency in 12 05.2016, provisionally, e, definitively, no dia 31 August 2016. Its management, secured areas relevant to the leaders of the PP and PMDB already belonged to the criminal organization.

The complaint also points out that, before the strong parliamentary role and responsibility for other political statements, which still linger, the criminal organization remained practicing crimes in the years 2015, 2016 e 2017. In this sense, applies to existing law from September

2013 (No law 12.850/13). permanent conduct, even started before that date, shall be regulated by the new law, in accordance with the statement of Precedent 711 do Supremo Tribunal Federal.

in a statement, Cezar Bittencourt, defending Rocha Loures, he said: “Rodrigo Rocha Loures did not participate in any settlement agreement or receipt of kickbacks assigned to the House PMDB Rodrigo was just a personal adviser to the President and had no intervention in financial activities, unlike the recent complaint against the PMDB of the House. The defense vehemently repudiates another frivolous complaint Rodrigo Janot!!!”

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