hairdressing death assassinated in the salon was commissioned, says police

Civil police have identified four people involved in the murder and uncovered the motivation for the crime.
09/09/2017 13h58 - Updated 11/09/2017 11h18
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They identified four people who are involved in the death of makeup artist and hairdresser John Felipe Martins de Oliveira, 22, occurred ten days ago at about 15h45, in a beauty salon located on the street Rio Tarauacá, neighborhood Our Lady of Grace, Centro-Sul. Information is the Civil Police also said the crime was commissioned and that researchers already know of the murder motive.

According to the deputy delegate-general, Ivo Martins, crime had three executors and a client, however, main target of the investigation is the couple who entered the room and the shooter has been identified, but not yet located.

"What we know is that he lives in the East and has already pass by police. That's all I can say so far ", said. Ivo Martins also said that the jobs are ahead, but the most revealing any information can hinder investigations. As or delegate, the third involved possibly helped criminals on the trail. He would be in a vehicle supporting the end of the street.

The crime investigations are being chaired by the principal delegate of the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), Juan Valerius.

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