Death hairdresser João Felipe was commissioned from within the prison system, says police

The mastermind of the crime is called, José Matheus da Costa Vieira, or "Sapo", which is already stuck in Prison Unit Puraquequara (UP). Police still do not know the motivation of death.
13/09/2017 11h40 - Updated 13/09/2017 17h01
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The order to kill the hairdresser and makeup artist John Felipe Martins de Oliveira, He left within the prison system, however, motivation remains unknown. The Civil Police released early on Wednesday (13), the mastermind of the crime name, José Matheus da Costa Vieira, O “just”, which is already stuck in Prison Unit Puraquequara (UP), of murdering.

Confirmation of his name came after the testimony of the gunman, Diego Sabino de Araújo, 27, O “Coqueirinho”, arrested on Monday (11), in Lowland Careiro municipality.

According to the delegate Juan Valério, the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), in testimony Diego said he received a call with the order to kill the makeup artist. He also confessed that he received nothing for the service and that it did because it is part of the crime brotherhood and is subordinate to the 'Frog'.

During conference the deputy also said that the authorization for the death of João Felipe was made by a dealer identified as “Milk”, that drives trafficking in Mauazinho neighborhood.

In 2011, the sister of José Felipe, identified only as “Cristina”, It was also the victim of a homicide. The crime took place in front of the makeup, which at the time had 14 years old. The mastermind of the crime it is the same person who would take involvement in the death of Cristina.

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