Woman says she was hired to assault salon and was surprised hairdressing murder

The accused said in a statement it would receive R $ 500 the service.
11/09/2017 11h54 - Updated 12/09/2017 12h10
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Gessica Alves Garlic, 24, He said that was hired by third parties to carry out assault and not to participate in the murder of hairdresser and makeup artist John Felipe Martins de Oliveira, 22, occurred on 30 August this year in a beauty salon located in the set Vieiralves, bairro N. S. of Grace, in the city's South-Central Zone. It was presented on the morning of Monday (11) the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), In Manaus.

According to the delegate Juan Valerio, Titulr Dr. Dehs, the accused said in testimony that only knew that it was a murder at the time of the crime. “They called it providing a 'runs', however it tells us that it was the place thinking it was a robbery, and only learned of the murder at the time that Diego made the shots. By participation in the crime she would receive the amount of R $ 500”, highlighted.

She appears in the salon security images next to the shooter, identified as Diego Sabino Araújo, the "Diego Olhão", who remains at large.

The accused said he did not know the whereabouts of Diego. “When he threw out running, as everyone who was there and caught a taxi. I did not see him after that day”, He reported the woman, who also said he did not receive the promised money.

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