Arthur Bisneto of appointment to the Civil House is threatened by social organizations

The FBP and ADJC joined and will present to the judiciary Amazonian a complaint by the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, has indicated his son to the post.
02/09/2017 16h06 - Updated 4/09/2017 11h57
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The appointment of Artur Bisneto to head of Staff may be overturned by the Popular Front Brazil (FBP) and Lawyers and Lawyers for Democracy, Social Justice and Citizenship (ADJC) who have joined and will present on Monday (4) the Amazon judiciary a complaint by the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, has indicated his son to the post.

"The act of Mayor Arthur Neto is a mockery of the population. The most voted congressman in election 2014, Artur Bisneto, not only will not help the father and will be encouraging the old political practices, in this case it is a display of coronelismo. So we present to the Amazon Court a Complaint, asking to set aside the appointment of Artur Bisneto. And if nothing is done this will set an example for other managers. All this after years of various social movements fighting for Precedent was edited 13, prohibiting nepotism ", protested Yann Evanovick, state coordinator of the Front.

The appointment goes against the recommendation of the Audit prosecutors (MPC) to Arthur Neto avoid the practice of nepotism by appointing "spouse, partner or relative "in positions of trust or commission within the municipal administration. Three Months Ago, the toucan gave the first lady Elisabeth Valeiko municipal secretary status to assign it to the post of President of the Social Solidarity Fund (FSS).

Chico Black
councilman, Chico Black also expressed outrage on social networks about it and wondered if the City of Manaus (CMM) will continue accepting the 'immoral attitudes’ Arthur idly. “The question is whether the House will not be displeased with me, You will continue to sign under the immoral attitudes of the mayor. We are an independent power, we can not condone it. Although the appointment is legal, It undermines the principle of morality, Here is my disapproval”, said.

The MP also took the opportunity to attack the toucan's management that does not show results and is widely criticized by the population. “I would like the mayor was quick and efficient to make the Administrative Reform and cut spending, also remember the Urban Mobility Plan, because until now only painted a track on the floor and called BRT, increased bus fare and did not renew the fleet, would you like 255 million to plug holes, spends more 7 million per month in advertising to publicize a city fanciful”, Chico shot.

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