stepfather raped, photographed and kept images of sexual violence against stepdaughter 5 years

The child's mother discovered the notebook fellow pictures of him with the child in libidinous moments.
11/09/2017 16h39 - Updated 12/09/2017 12h10
Photo: reproduction

On Thursday (7), a professor of 35 years was arrested for raping his stepdaughter, a child 5 years, in the municipality of Jutaí, interior do Amazonas.

The arrest was made after the child's mother suspect the daughter's behavior, who refused to live with her stepfather since the beginning of the year.

The mother, So, found in the notebook of Professor photos of him with the child in libidinous moments.

The crime was committed since the beginning of this year, when the child was still 4 years old. In addition to rape vulnerable, the rapist was arrested by the criminal image storage. The child underwent examination of carnal knowledge and police awaiting the outcome for the continuation of the process.

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