Civil police arrest 40 people for various crimes during operation in Manaus

Were 26 arrested for arrest warrant, 12 caught red-handed and two more fugitives, for various crimes such as murder, rape, theft and trafficking.
15/09/2017 16h23 - Updated 16/09/2017 15h03
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The Civil Police arrested 40 people for three days operation in all areas of Manaus. The arrested are suspected of involvement in crime as robbery, murder, drug traffic, Association for trafficking and theft. The suspects were presented on Friday (15), during a press conference at the General Police.

According to the director of the Metropolitan Police Department (DPM), delegate Geraldo Eloi, the action aimed to meet 30 arrest warrants and 30 search and seizure warrants. The work counted on Effective 132 police officers, crowded in the six Sectional Manaus, we 30 Integrated Police Districts (DIPs) the capital and Specialized Police in s and Polinter (DECP).

Total, since last Wednesday (13), until the morning of Friday (15), They have been met 26 arrest warrants, for various crimes, as robbery, murder, theft, drug traffic, vulnerable rape, rape and domestic violence.

During the action have been met 12 search and seizure warrants, that resulted in the arrests of 12 people in the act, for offenses, such as drug trafficking, increased theft and illegal possession of firearm. Yet throughout the operation have been fulfilled two arrest warrants by converting the penalty restricting rights in custodial sentence, on behalf of two fugitives from justice.

"We demand that action to the Civil Police. So, the delegate-general and the deputy delegate-general, along with their teams, They were selected for the field and the warrants of those people who had decreed warrants. The Civil Police has become the investigations to locate and arrest these people. They selected were about 60 warrants, of all kinds of crime, being that, those of higher severity, They resulted in the arrests of 40 people", said the secretary of the SSP-AM, Carlos Alberto Andrade.

Geraldo Eloi emphasized, still, the aim of police action. "The Civil Police performs such action routinely, always mobilizing all police units in the capital. We collect arrest warrants, including the DECP, and distribute the work. The teams came out on the streets to comply with arrest warrants and search and seizure selected. The operation of this week had very successful results, taking circulation 40 prisoners and, of course, bringing a little more tranquility for all ", stated.

After the legal procedures, the 24 men arrested in compliance with the arrest warrants will be forwarded to the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM). Two women arrested in compliance with the arrest warrants will be conducted at the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF). The two fugitives will also recaptured for CDPM. already 12 caught in the act will be taken to Custody Hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, in the San Francisco neighborhood, area south of the city.

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