Federal Police find apartment where Minister attached to Temer hid bribe

Several boxes and bags with money were found in the property. According to PF, "The seized values ​​will be transported to a bank which will be accounted for and deposited in a judicial account".
05/09/2017 15h14 - Updated 6/09/2017 16h36
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In an operation to fulfill warrant for search and seizure, issued by the 10th Federal Court in Brasilia, the Federal Police (PF) found today (5) several boxes and bags with money in property in Loreto Street Baron, in the neighborhood of Grace in Salvador, “it would, supposedly, used by Geddel Vieira Lima [ex-minister] as bunker’ for cash storage in kind ". According to the PF, "The seized values ​​will be transported to a bank which will be accounted for and deposited in a judicial account".

The apartment belongs, according to Justice, Silvio Silveira, which would have given the property to the former minister, to guard, supposedly ", father's belongings, who died in January 2016”. An anonymous tip, by telephone, alerted police that Geddel would be using the apartment in Graça neighborhood to "keep boxes of documents", what was found after consulting the residents of the building.

Also according to the document of the 10th Federal Court, the property has elements that prove the practice "related crimes in the handling of claims and resources held in the Caixa Economica Federal". That is why, the federal judge ruled that the practices need to be investigated "urgently", due to the facts related to "vultuosos values, money laundering offenses, corruption, criminal organization and participation of influential and powerful public officials ".

The decision of the judge Vallisney de Souza Oliveira, authorizing operation, It was signed on Wednesday, 30 of August. Call Lost Treasure, the operation Tuesday results from data collected in the latter stages of Operation Cui Bono.

Operation Cui Bono
The first phase of operation is triggered by Cui Bono in PF 13 January this year. She investigated fraud scheme in the release of credits Caixa Economica Federal in the period 2011 e 2013. According to the investigation, between March 2011 and December 2013, as vice president of Legal Entities of the institution was occupied by Geddel Vieira Lima.

The investigation of Operation Cui Bono - Latin phrase which in Portuguese means "who benefits?"- It is an offshoot of Operation orations, triggered in December 2015, during Operation Lava Jato, when federal police found a cell phone in the residence then Speaker of the House of Representatives, former deputy federal Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), which revealed intense exchange of electronic messages between Cunha and Geddel. The operation was intended to avoid that important evidence would be destroyed by the investigated Lava Jato.

currently, Geddel Vieira Lima fulfills house arrest.

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