Semsa open selection process with 223 vacancies and wages of up to R $ 6.370,16

Are 223 vacancies three for veterinarians; 20 for the position of nurses, of which one for Handicapped, e 200 for nursing technician, and 10 para PNEs.
06/09/2017 16h11 - Updated 8/09/2017 15h36

The Municipal Health (Sems) opens registration, not next day 11/9, Selective Simplified Process (PSS) for hiring vets, nurses and nursing technicians. The Notice with all the information will be available for consultation in the Official Gazette of the Municipality as from this Thursday (07), the address You will not be charged registration fee and you can only sign up for one of the tasks set out in the notice.

Are 223 vacancies three for veterinarians; 20 for the position of nurses, of which one for Handicapped, e 200 for nursing technician, and 10 para PNEs. The contract will last for one year. For all cases, the workload is 40 week hours. Salaries for veterinary doctors and nurses (higher level) to R $ 6.370,16 and nursing technician (middle level) R$ 2.112,38.

"The hiring of vets was an orientation of Mayor Arthur Neto so that we can increase the number of castration procedures performed daily in the CCZ. currently there are 55 and the arrival of these three professionals, we will do 95 per day surgeries. With respect to nurses and nursing technicians, we conducted a survey in our units which pointed to this need due to the increase in demand of users, since many people migrated from private health insurance for the municipal ", He justified the municipal secretary of Health, Marcelo Magaldi.

Entries must be made exclusively on the Internet, in the Semsa page, accessing the Internet address, from day 0h 11 September 2017 until 23:59 hours of the day 15 September 2017. The applicant must fill in the Registration Form, print and make the delivery of the documents to effect the registration in the period 11 a 18 September 2017, in time from 9am to 12pm, the Magisterium of the Professional Development Division, in Maceio Avenue, 2000, Adrianople, in front of the Municipal Health.

Veterinarians will act on Zoonoses Dr Control Center. Carlos Durand, in Compensates. Nurses will be crowded in Units of the Family Health Strategy and nursing technicians in Health Care Facilities.

Applicants should be aware of all the terms of the notice, to prevent further disorders, as the possibility of not hiring those who have been staging server, earlier than 12 (doze) months of the termination or dismissal from his previous temporary contract, as stipulated in article. 10, engraved V, of Law 1.425, from 26 March 2010.

The simplified selection will be made considering the sum of bonds and long experience in the given function. The all candidates who meet the mandatory requirements for registration, They will be assigned 10 (ten) points. The final grade will be the sum of points obtained in the values ​​and experience and presented in descending order of points.

The candidate who is summoned to hiring and not attend the workplace in the period foreseen in the call notice, or fails any of the required documents, It will be eliminated, the next candidate being called in the ranking list, observed the existence of remaining vague and the Directors of public interest.

The candidates not eliminated, the surplus places available, will be kept in reserve and registration may be required to hire subject to availability of vacancies arising, during the validity period of this selective process Simplified, one year from the date of publication of approval in the Official Gazette of the Municipality, It may be extended for the same period the Administration's discretion.

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