Yellow September alert for suicide prevention

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that there, no Brasil, 12 thousand suicides a year.
10/09/2017 13h39 - Updated 11/09/2017 11h17
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complex issue, suicide, that mirrors biological factors, genetic, psychological, social and cultural well, It has been disclosed, the last four years, the campaign in September Yellow. In this year, as usual, the prevention and awareness activities include hiking, placement of campaign materials by public figures who embrace the cause and the decoration and lighting of public buildings, squares and monuments with lights and yellow items.

The actions were initiated by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (Iasp) and brought to Brazil by the Brazilian Psychiatric Association (ABP), the Center for Appreciation of Life (CVV), reference in attendance - including remote - to people in crisis, and the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM). Yellow September goes together with the White campaign in January, what, in a month in which people are more likely to renovations, Search quicken reflections on mental health and appreciation of life.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that there, no Brasil, 12 thousand suicides a year. no world, They are over 800 thousand occurrences, this is, one death by suicide every 40 seconds, as the first global report on the subject, published by WHO, in 2014.

Generally, the will to end his life is caused by an absolute lack of perspective and an overwhelming sense of helplessness and anguish. What stands out is that not, in most cases, the radical desire is generated by a treatable mental disorder frame, such as depression, affective bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, severe psychotic disorders and personality disorders, as or borderline.

"Only 3% They have no diagnosis of these disorders. There is a high rate of drug history also, alcohol and other substances ", says psychologist Fabiola Rottili Brandão.

Fabiola also states that, although prevail cases in which pre-exists a mental disorder, there are situations where suicide may be an impulse triggered by an occasional mishap, more than, even so, the person already has an indoor clutter process. "In 10% occurrences we see these issues. Can be, sim, a case of sudden hopelessness. "

For the psychiatrist Régis Barros, strengthen themselves emotionally and mentally is as human resists disappointments and setbacks, common to all people. "Life is not a simple task. Living is fabulous, but we are systematically tested, put to the test, We suffer the frustrations of living. Resilience is important to build a social skill for life ", says.

Barros argues that contemporary society, beyond the violence, stress, economic and social instability, experiencing a period of competitiveness increasing, favoring mental illness. "What you see are very volatile relationship, disorganized families, a virtual social world in which the contact and the construction of relationships are very impoverished. There is, increasingly, young people who are frustrated earlier, an epidemic of who self-injure ", Explain.

That is why, can rely on a support network and, consequently, with access to dialogue is essential for people with so-called "suicide ideation" conquer balance and emotional stability guaranteed by the treatment of psychotherapy and medication. The remedies prescribed by a psychiatrist are essential for the patient covers the neurochemical order, and therapy, in turn, helps the patient to know how to work your emotions.

There are some signs that can be identified by relatives and friends as being at risk, aiding in the diagnosis and, therefore, in assistance. They should understand that depression and suicide are not a child of the person strategy to draw attention, or freshness.

Lack of interest in activities that were always pleasant, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, extreme tiredness, irritability, difficulty concentrating and making decisions and even poor hygiene with their own bodies are warning behavior. One also tends to find it a burden to your friends and your family, You may have poor quality sleep and, still, lose or gain weight.

"There are social isolation, breakdown in family ties, a great psychological distress. But, sometimes, a person hides, puts armor and tries not to look sick ", complements Fabiola.

Both the closest people as unknown are able to receive and forward the same person susceptible to treatment with the appropriate professionals. According to psychologist, the health units of the Unified Health System (THEIR) lack of investment in drugs and psychotherapy. "Treatment of the crisis needs to be immediate and not always the devices are prepared to meet the patient", says Fabiola.

This family awareness, called psicoeducação, avoid, inclusive, repeat episodes suicidal. "Mental illnesses are biological and non-biological components. You have families where the component is replicated. But there is a difficulty in defining what environmental factor, What is genetic inheritance, since we have the same environment, with the same emotional issues, that can feed back the desire to commit suicide. The act of suicide will not be the primary act, the first, others have happened and can be avoided ", clarifies Barros.

Colleagues also can and should represent a bailout point. "Companies are not prepared to deal with this demand. When you have work clearance, there is prejudice. Employers need to seek information and find ways to accommodate. Professional is stigmatized. We are dedicated both to work and can not find support there ", Fabiola scores.

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