It happened: Amazonino Mendes base in the Legislative Assembly suffers first kick

Dermilson Chagas gives creeping in Josué Neto to favor Vicente Lopes.
19/10/2017 14h44 - Updated 20/10/2017 17h16
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The government leader Amazonino Mendes (PDT), the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM), Dermilson Chagas (THE), He swung his leg in the state deputy, Joshua Neto (PSD), to break an agreement that existed between the parliamentarians to put psdista as majority leader to have a conciliatory profile.

The selection and appointment of leaders of both the majority and the minority is made by members of its bench to represent the political position of these segments.

Dermilson calculated very well the blow and without Joshua knew nothing made a document, signed by him and some lawmakers, contrary to the agreement made previously to put Congressman Vicente Lopes as leader.

In response, Josué Neto said that does not feel represented by Dermilson Chagas as government leader in the ALE-AM and he will deal with matters directly with the executive. Joshua came to leave the WhatsApp group and handed the deputy leadership. The base of the governor has not yet enough votes to decide handily the choice of name.

Leaders have, among other duties, forward the votes in committees and plenary, where they can make use of the word, at any time of the session, to address relevant issue or defend certain political line. Also indicate the deputies to compose the Technical Committees and register candidates to compete for positions of Officers.

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