Audio Bolsonaro saying that suspected rapist councilor to play in Tiete is polluting the river viraliza in social networks

Councilman sent the audio to some sympathetic friends to the deputy and the same just viralizando in groups of whatsapp.
31/10/2017 15h42 - Updated 31/10/2017 15h42
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Councilman Reginaldo Itu Carlota (PTB), It has appeared in several newspapers in Brazil in recent weeks, in news about the release of her autobiographical book "Knife in Skull". The parliamentary reports on the work, on the festivals of arbitrariness which promoted the investigation of rape cases, during the 10 years he served as police reporter.

Early in the work, he declares: "I do not spanked anybody, the guy probably slipped on a banana peel and fell ". The conversation in question, It refers to the case of a rapist and murderer, that took a beating and eventually captured with the help of councilor, last we 7 years, personally involved in several hunts sex offenders in the city of Itu.

The beating followed by what can be said an assassination attempt against the rapist, assigned to councilor, It has been featured in various newspapers, blogs and social networks and eventually drawing attention of Congressman and presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Recently Carlota was with Bolsonaro in Brasilia, discussing a radical design crackdown on pedophiles and rapists, provided that includes chemical castration, to maximum penalty 30 years, for any act of pedophilia in the country. Before that, Councilman had already been seen in a hotel in Rio de Janeiro with Bolsonaro, during an event, making it clear that nurtures a sympathy for deputy.

Last week, a newspaper made a controversial report showing a picture of Carlota with Bolsonaro, where it appears with the book in the hands of councilor, with the right hand fingers pretending to be a weapon. Carlota has his hand in the same gun position. The headline of the article was "Bolsonaro SUPPORTS ALDERMAN CONTROVERSIAL BOOK RAPIST PLAY SUSPECTED IN RIO TIETÊ".

When you receive the newspaper by whatsapp, sent by Carlota, Bolsonaro sent an audio laughing and saying the councilman could not have played the rapist in Tiete, why doing it, It was further polluting the river, with the body of the criminal, which is characterized as rubbish.

Councilman sent the audio to some sympathetic friends to the deputy and the same just viralizando in groups of whatsapp, especially in groups composed of police and municipal guards.

Questioned by several newspapers really beat the rapist in question and tried to kill him, Carlota said: "I've actually sat in beating very bum rapist, but in the case of that pervert who beat and played in Tiete, was coincidence, the person who beat the unfortunate should look like me, hence the confusion ".

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