Bank of the Amazon is preparing to open its first credit bureau in the Amazon 2018

Segundo a instituição o objetivo da implantação da Central de Crédito é dar mais agilidade e celeridade na aprovação de projetos que serão analisados.
23/10/2017 14h52 - Updated 23/10/2017 14h52
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Banco da Amazônia will open in early 2018 her younger Credit Center to meet all the state of Amazonas. Like this, Institution expected to apply efficiently around US $ 1,04 billion in 2017 with development and commercial resources in the state.

According to the Administrative Manager of the Central Credit, Edmar Bernaldino, the purpose of the Credit Center deployment is to give more flexibility and speed in the approval of projects to be analyzed. "Today, each agency performs this analysis and forwards it to the headquarters of the Bank. With the implementation of the Central, all processes will be sent to a single location, It is analyzed by a fully trained staff in each area, according to the specific project”, said.

No period 2012 a 2017 Banco da Amazônia hired in Amazonas state over R $ 3,2 billion, contemplating more 39 thousand operations. It is estimated that the social impacts performed with FNO financing, granted in the past five years, They have increased in R $ 928 million the gross value of regional production (VBP), They increased by approximately R $ 509 million regional GDP, created over 14 thousand new jobs in rural and urban areas, generating a volume of salaries of approximately R $ 116 million and growing collection of taxes in the order of R $ 142 millions. For the year 2018, the Bank intends to provide about 1,3 billion for the development of the state.

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