Boi Manaus 2017 will start on Monday in celebration of the birthday of Manaus

The party will begin at 17:30 and will continue until 3:20 a.m., with 17 attractions.
23/10/2017 15h02 - Updated 24/10/2017 16h34
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After the success of Shopping tururi, which ended yesterday, 22/10, on the Samba Avenue, Central-West, the public is preparing for the first day of the Boi Manaus 2017, Tourist Complex in Ponta Negra. In this Monday (23), 17 attractions pass the stage of the Amphitheater and electric trios leading the party that traditionally celebrates the anniversary of Manaus.

anniversary celebrations of the 348 years of Manaus began on the last day 14, with the opening of the shopping tururi. Promoted by the Association of Artists of Boi-Bumba, with the support of the City of Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), for nine days passed by local over 30 artists and an audience of 50 thousand people.

Today, Ponta Negra in the party will begin at 17:30 and will continue until 3:20 a.m., com shows two groups Kamayurá, Kuarup, two singers Helen Veras, Carlos Potato, Cezar Pinheiro, Group A Toada, P.A. Chaves and Fábio Casagrande, Prince Ox and Carlinhos Ox, Arlindo Junior, Sebastião Junior, Robson Junior and Fabiano Neves, Besides the presentation of Manaus oxen, run Field, Stallion and Bright.

Who was the Samba Avenue, Shopping Tours do it, this last week can enjoy some of the artists will take their presentations in Boi Manaus. Living in New Town, North of Manaus, Jessica Soares nurse technician took the clearances to the party.

"I really like ox and always make an effort to be present. I came here twice and certainly will tomorrow (today) for Ponta Negra. I like to arrive early to enjoy the party from the beginning. Because in ox party we have fun, to dance. Has no fights. Everyone chooses his color and have fun ", commented.

The CEO of Manauscult, Bernardo Monteiro de Paula highlighted the presence of the audience who cheered night of Shopping tururi.

"This one is a great demonstration of the approach of the government with the artists and with society at a time when we celebrate the 20 Ox years Manaus and birthday 348 years Manaus. We are filled with pride to see people here dancing and singing. This makes us proud, because the tune is the face of Manaus, the face of the Amazon ", He said the President noting that whoever the Boi Manaus wearing the tururis artists will have an area behind the trio surrounded by ropes to dance.

But the pop jungle, Arlindo Junior, representative of the Association of Artists of Boi, considered a success the nine-day festival and talked about the expectations for the two-day Boi Manaus in Ponta Negra.

"Certainty is going to be a super Boi Manaus. On the last day of barkcloth Shopping gather 20 thousand people. The public wants it. A party with organization where everyone can play. Every day, Sunday to Sunday, the public came to play ox-bumbá and certainly in the days 23 e 24 Ponta Negra is small ", highlighted.
The complete schedule of the Boi Manaus can be seen in the portal Viva Manaus, no

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