With joint Amazon Association of Municipalities, inside the hospitals in the state will receive investments of R $ 2 millions

The transfer of funds was delayed due to blockage in the bank accounts of municipalities.
25/10/2017 14h50 - Updated 25/10/2017 16h44
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Near 47 Amazon interior municipalities will receive on Thursday (26), more than R $ 2 million to be invested in their health units. The funds are the result of a joint president of the Amazon Association of Municipalities (AAM), Andreson Cavalcante, with the state Secretary of Health, Francisco Deodato.

The transfer of funds was delayed due to blockage in the bank accounts of municipalities. The values, from the Ministry of Health, They are aimed at human resource payments, for the months of August and September, professionals working in hospitals not full management. altogether, They will be transferred R $ 2.089.143,42.

"Health professionals within already face a number of structural problems to work. Even with the efforts of the municipalities, we know how difficult it is to keep the sheet in day, so the association was keen to intervene and thanks to the support of the governor Amazonino, through the Secretary of the person Deodato, more we got this advance to the municipalities ", said the president of AAM, Andreson Cavalcante.

Municipalities will be contemplated Alvaraes, Amaturá, Nam, Anori, Apuí, Atalaia do Norte, Autazes, Barcelos, Barreirinha, Beruri, Boa Vista do Ramos, Boca do Acre, Caapiranga, Canutama, Carauari, Careiro Brown, Codajás, Eirunepé, Envira, Guajará and Ipixuna.

Also receive funds the hospitals of Iranduba, Itamarati, Itapiranga, Japurá, Juruá, Jutaí, Labrea, Manaquiri, Manipur, Maraã, Nhamundá, Nova Olinda do Norte, Novo Airão, Novo Aripuana, Pauini, Rio Preto da Eva, Santa Isabel do Rio, Santo Antonio do lea, São Paulo de Olivença, San Sebastian Uatumã, Silves, Tapauá, Tonantins, Uarini, Urucará e Urucurituba (seat).

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