With terminal cancer, Mister M is kitty on the internet to pay for treatment

To the attraction of the year 90, He said he is in financial difficulties and who is unable to work.
20/10/2017 17h49 - Updated 20/10/2017 17h49
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Magician Val Valentino, known in Brazil by the nickname Mister M, used in the table had the Fantastic in the years 1990, terminal cancer is prostate, according to the Balance Sheet program, to Record. The American 61 years said he is struggling financially and has the help of a friend Brazil, who started a kind of kitty to collect online 45.000 real to have surgery.

"Two years ago, I was diagnosed with something very bad in the prostate. I will not say the name ", He said in a statement sent to the program.

"We're talking about five years having no condition to work because I could not get on the plane, because the prostate swelling and I had other problems ", he continued "I ended up with my savings." Then, he thanked the Brazilian who contribute to the kitty. "I love you all, Brazil is my home and would be where I would live if not lived in the United States. "

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