electricity bill have extra fee of $ 5 for each 100 kilowatt hours consumed

The tariff flag that will be applied in the November bills will be the red level 2.
27/10/2017 17h00 - Updated 27/10/2017 17h00
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The tariff flag that will be applied in the November bills will be the red level 2, an increase of R $ 5 for each 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed. According to the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), there was no progress in the situation of the hydroelectric plant reservoirs in the previous month.

"Although there is no risk of electricity shortages, it is necessary to strengthen the actions related to the conscious use and combat waste ", the agency says.

On Tuesday (24), Aneel approved an escalation proposal almost 43% on the current value of the red flag tariff level 2, the more expensive system, passing the value of the extra fee of $ 3,50 for each 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) and will now pay $ 5 extra fee, starting in November.

In October, the red flag level 2 was activated for the first time since the system now has two degrees to red, in January 2016. The decision was made due to low flow of hydroelectric, because the rains in September were below average.

Because the current scenario of lack of rain, the Monitoring Committee of the Electricity Sector (CMSE) He decided that will make weekly meetings to analyze the power supply conditions in the country.

Until yesterday (26), reservoir levels in the Southeast and Midwest, the most important in the country, I was in 17,9% of its maximum capacity. In the same period 2001, when there was a large country's energy rationing, content was 21%.

The system of tariff flags was set up in 2015, as a way to recover the extra expenses with the use of energy power plants, which is more expensive than hydro. The color of the flag is printed on the electricity bill (red, yellow or green) and indicates the cost of power generation depending on conditions.

When it rains less, for example, of hydroelectric reservoirs are more empty and you need to drive more power plants to ensure the power supply in the country. In this case, the flag is yellow or red, according to the operating cost of thermal activated.

Sabrina Craide - Reporter Agency Brazil

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