Cook is released after teenager confessed to having lied to the police about rape

Segundo o advogado da vítima, the girl made up the story, because he had "killed" class to keep sex with boyfriend 15 years.
17/10/2017 16h06 - Updated 18/10/2017 16h58
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A teen 12 years accused Francimar Bezerra da Cruz, 40, no dia 12 Of this month, by vulnerable rape, the Aleixo neighborhood, Zona Sul, He confessed to the Civil Police, no last Saturday (14), who lied and that the suspect committed no abuse. According to the lawyer of Francimar, André Duarte, the girl made up the story, because he had "killed" class to keep sex with boyfriend 15 years and, that is why, your client came to download to the Provisional Detention Center (CPD), where he suffered psychological torture.

The case would have happened on 11 of October. According to Tuma delegated Juliana, the Specialized Police for Protection of Children and Adolescents (depc), the girl invented the rape to justify to parents why he returned home late.

Francimar spent four days in the CDP for probation. He was only released, because the girl's father began to suspect the version of it and managed to, through security cameras, busted her walking with her boyfriend at the time that said to have been raped.

Francimar was seen elsewhere, on the neighborhood, with nephew. He was appointed at random by young. Right after, the girl's father went to the police and sought the lawyer André Duarte, requesting the release.

The accused said he plans to report the error state. As delegated Juliana Tuma, the case was taken to the police station specialized in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai). “Not because this girl has not 18 years will not be held responsible for this offense similar to the crime of slanderous denunciation”, Tuma finished.

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