David Almeida reassume the presidency of the Legislative Assembly and announces wage increase for servers

Not address, parliamentary announced the payment of salary adjustments and the base date of Aleam servers for the period 2017.
10/10/2017 14h44 - Updated 11/10/2017 16h06
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On Tuesday (10), Congressman David Almeida (PSD) He returned to the presidency of the State of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), after being five months in Amazonas Government of command. Not address, parliamentary announced the payment of salary adjustments and the base date of Aleam servers for the period 2017. He also said he would sit with the category, next Monday (16), to define the best way to pay off the debts for the years 2015 e 2016.

"After the adjustments we made in the Government, able to increase the revenue of the state and consequently the transfer of the powers. That's what enabled this adjustment do we do. Not everything you want can be done. Of course, the servers have their direct. I will omit me this responsibility. Let's talk and find the way to repay all losses ", he said.

According to the President of the Union of Public Servants of the State Legislature, Municipal and Amazonas State Court of Auditors (SindiLegisam), Flávio Aleixo, the readjustment 2015/2016 it's from 11% e or 2016/2017 it's from 6%. according Aleixo, it is time for dialogue.

"I think it's a great advance the opening of dialogue. Our achievements have always been the basis of dialogue and that's how we keep ourselves. We are two years in the struggle for wage replacement and President David Almeida positively signaled the start of talks. We are hopeful that we will succeed ", scored.

Party in return
Received by the party assembly staff, David Almeida thanked the affection and returned to say that the House will no longer be supporting the Executive, and exercise its role as supervisory hard.

"From now on no one comes here to send in the legislative branch. This House will not give up their prerogatives and bow to the Executive. we are self-employed, But let us go, obviously, work in harmony. No one will hit this house, at least while I'm here. We will give the Assembly the role that people expect it. It is not able to fight. I return to say that all that is in the interest of the population will have our support, but not me aliarei the newly elected governor. I am part of 70% the Amazonian that did not want him in the government ", said.

management of the balance
In just over 40 minutes, David Almeida made a brief assessment of management in state government. The president of ALE has highlighted the historical increases tax collection, the infrastructure works in the capital and in the interior, in addition to the promotion of the Military Police and Fire Department, Civil Police escalation, and payment of the allowance of the teaching of the state teachers.

"I left a much better state than I found. Hit record collection without increasing taxes. We are the only state in Brazil to anticipate 60% do 13º (salary) and we were the only Government in history who sent the Assembly a government message to reduce the tax rate on fuel. We did a lot. These next few days I will use the platform of the Assembly to show everything we did. It will not be an unanswered question ", finished.

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