Drugs valued at R $ 260 vessel had been seized in thousand Tabatinga, says police

According to police, os trabalhos iniciaram após denúncias anônimas de que o carregamento estaria vindo do município de Tabatinga para Manaus.
16/10/2017 15h15 - Updated 17/10/2017 16h48
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The joint action triggered on Sunday morning, day 15, crowded involving police officers in the Department of Narcotics Investigation (Denarc), Department to Combat Organized Crime (DRCO), Special Force Rescue Group and Assault (will) and teams of Executive Secretariat Deputy Intelligence (Seai), the Secretary of State of Amazonas Public Safety (SSP-AM), It resulted in seizures of, approximately, 62 kilos of cannabis skunk type, coming from Tabatinga, distant 1.108 kilometers straight from the capital.

Two teenagers 17 years were seized in possession of a firearm and three kilos of marijuana skunk type, during steps. Earlier on Monday, 16, delegates Paulo Mavignier, Guilherme Torres and Denis Pinho, respectively, director of Denarc, director DRCO, and coordinator of SEAI operations, They spoke during a press conference at 9:30 am, the building of the General Police, the action was triggered at about 6.30 am, the Port of Manaus Modern, in the Centro neighborhood, South of Manaus.

As law enforcement authorities, the 65 kilograms of drugs seized during the action are estimated at around R $ 260 one thousand. The drug was found in a boat, moored in place. According to the director of Denarc, the department's research team received anonymous denunciations, made by the number: (92) 99415 – 0129, the hot line of Denarc, stating that the narcotics, coming from Tabatinga, would be in a vessel bound for Manaus.

Mavignier stressed that the efforts surrounding the case lasted five days and yesterday a structure was set up near the Port of Modern Manaus to accompany the arrival of the boat, reported in the complaint. As soon as the ship docked in the port, the police held magazine and identified the two teenagers in possession of a caliber revolver 38, containing four intact munitions. In case of them were found three kilograms of marijuana skunk type. Immediately thereafter, the teams found in the basement two other bags boat, where they were stored 61 marijuana tablets type skunk, totaled of 62 kilograms of drugs.

During the press conference the SEAI operations coordinator stressed the importance of integration between the SSP-AM and the Civil Police in the actions to dismantle organized crime in the state. "It is an integration that each department acts joining forces so that we can combat criminal organizations that transport of the drug that is the inside of the rivers to the capital and, also, to other cities of Brazil, and other countries. There are three routes that Denarc and DRCO will be watching and investigating in the coming days to analyze the fate of seized narcotics and the person who would receive them in the capital ", said the delegate Denis Pinho.

The director of DRCO stressed the importance of taking outstanding narcotics arriving in the capital, because most of the drug is used in domestic traffic in Manaus. "This drug seized, case was passed to the internal market, would result in millions of bundles that would feed the drug outlets in the capital, triggering other crimes, because the user has just practicing theft to exchange for drugs. Domestic traffic bothers the population in areas considered at risk. The State of Amazonas has three major drug trafficking routes: Tabatinga, Japurá Rio and Rio Negro. We are taking action in order to avoid this drug flow to the capital ", Torres scored.

At the end of the procedures applicable in Denarc, teens were taken to the police station specialized in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai). Teenagers will account for similar infraction act against drug trafficking crime. In conclusion, the director of Denarc emphasized that investigations into the case will continue, until the person who would receive 62 kilograms of narcotics in Manaus is identified and can answer criminally for the crime committed.

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