Double that made hostage councilor in Novo Aripuana during theft is transferred to Manaus

The crime happened on the morning of Friday, 13. O filho do vereador reagiu e acabou atingido com dois tiros na perna.
17/10/2017 14h59 - Updated 17/10/2017 18h02
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Adrielson da Silva Ramos, 22, and Alex Viana Jesus, 21, They are transferred on Monday, day 16, for a Capital, after being caught in the act of robbery increased by Novo Aripuana, distant 227 kilometers straight from the capital. The crime happened on the morning of Friday, 13, around 6:40 a.m., the house of a councilor of Novo Aripuana, na Rua Loreal Netherlands, Centro neighborhood, that municipality.

According to the delegate Rudival Pereira Magno, a team of police officers, including Special Forces Group members Rescue and Assault (will), the institution's elite team, site was designated by the general delegated, Mariolino Brito, last Friday, day 13, to ensure the physical integrity of persons involved in the case and to ensure the safety of popular.

"The offenders were arrested by military police in that city crowded, after the son of the councilor, a man of 30 years, to prosecute. It was the property of the room when he realized the action of the double. Adrielson and Alex were hidden in the ground of the house from dawn, waiting for someone to open the door residence. By the time the councilor appeared they entered the residence, They announced the theft and made hostage ", He explained the delegate.

The police official said that at the time of the criminal act the son of Alderman responded and eventually hit with two shots to the leg. Adrielson and Alex were possession of a caliber pistol 380 and a caliber revolver 38. When the military police came to the place, offenders were leaving the residence and eventually intercepted. Then they were taken to the 73rd Precinct Police Interactive (DIP), located in Novo Aripuana.

"During the investigations we found that they were already practicing robberies with the same operating modes. We also note that Alex had open, in his name, vulnerable rape arrest warrant issued by the courts of the state of Pará ", Magno said Rudival.

The pair was assessed in the act by increased theft and criminal organization. Adrielson will also account for illegal possession of a restricted firearm, to be in possession of a weapon with suppressed numbers. Already Alex will answer for illegal possession of firearm and misrepresentation, because at the time of arrest the offender presented false name in the 73rd DIP. When they arrived in the capital violators will be taken to the 12th Police District Integrated (DIP), in the Orange Park Set, Flores neighborhood, Centro-Sul.

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