Enem have metal detectors in all bathrooms, says Inep

The measure aims to ensure that candidates do not use electronic equipment in bathrooms.
11/10/2017 15h21 - Updated 11/10/2017 15h21
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The National Secondary Education Examination (one) this year will be available 67 thousand metal detectors, one for each 100 participants. In 2016, the ratio was a detector for 110 participants. According to the National Institute of Educational Studies Teixeira (INEP), this number ensures the survey participants input and output of all bathrooms 13.632 coordination of the application site.

The measure aims to ensure that candidates do not use electronic equipment in bathrooms. Up until 2015, the detectors were used in bathrooms at random, more from 2016 They began to be used in all bathrooms. The equipment will also be used in other locations deemed necessary.

The Enem exams take place in days 5 e 12 from November.

Of the total metal detectors that will be used in this issue, 35 thousand will be leased, by R $ 20 each, which will represent a total cost of R $ 700 one thousand. Others 32 thousand will be provided by the applicator consortium 2017, formed by Cesgranrio Foundation, Foundation for Vestibular Universidade Estadual Paulista (Vunesp) and Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV).

According to INEP, spending on rents will not increase the final cost of the examination because the value was already planned in the security budget. The consortium applicator, with Brazilian Army support, has started verifying the rented equipment, and the work should be closed until Friday (13).

Other security strategies that will be adopted by INEP in Enem this year are the use of electronic point detectors in all units of the federation. The new devices will be distributed in strategic locations, selected by the federal police from an intelligence work that has been prepared since the implementation of Enem 2016, from INEP information and the Ministry of Education (GUY).

Also the custom proof will be used, Questions with notebooks identified with entrant's name and registration number. For Inep, the resource significantly inhibit fraud attempts, because the participant does not have the option of "lying" about the color of your proof, once your response card is linked to the custom Question Booklet.

Other consolidated measures on other issues will be kept, as the collection of biometric data,, launched in 2016.

The number of participants in the Enem this year (6,7 millions) It is 22% lower than last year (8,6 millions). According to INEP, the difference is because the Enem can no longer be used for high school certification, who returned to be granted through the National Examination for Youth and Adult Skills Certification (Encceja).

Sabrina Craide – Agency Brazil

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