Former mayor of Coari is accused of embezzling nearly R $ 200 thousand in hiring the double hinterland Victor & Leo

According to the petition the State Prosecutor, the deviation R $ 195 thousand would have occurred in 2010 on the anniversary of Coari.
23/10/2017 16h25 - Updated 24/10/2017 16h33
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The Second Prosecutor's Office in Coari (a 370 kilometers from Manaus) She filed a criminal case against the former mayor Arnaldo Mitouso, members of the bidding of its management committee, Marilúcia Meireles de Lima and Francisco José Nogueira de Menezes, and businessman Diego Braga Jimenez. The four, according to the State Prosecutor, They violated the law of tenders and alleged to have diverted R $ 195 thousand in hiring the double hinterland Victor & Leo for the Coari anniversary celebrations in the year 2010.

"In the complaint, we are postulating the conviction of former mayor, members of the bidding committee and entrepreneur, that after such recruitment, He became municipal secretary of the Communication Mitouso. added, the feathers of these crimes can reach up 17 years in prison. We are also postulating the return of diverted value, what, updated, hits $ 305 one thousand", said the public prosecutor Flávio Mota Silveira Morais, holder of the 2nd PJC.

Because it is the hiring artists, the law provides for the waiver of bidding, because, no case, the service provider is unique, not possible competition. however, in this case, the hiring of artists should be made directly or through an exclusive agent, which did not occur in Coari. A empresa D.R.J. Communications and Events Ltd., Diego Jimenez, did not hold exclusive contract artists, were either presented grounds for your choice, without bidding, among many who worked in the same sector.

The MP-AM found other evidence of irregularities and fraud in the waiver procedure: price quotations were not made with other companies, which indicates the direction of hiring; the value of the contract, R $ 395 one thousand, It was well above the double hinterland charged, So, the title cache; lack of justification of the price charged; State Court of Auditors report (TCE) indicating overpricing of, no minimum, R$ 195 one thousand, and the fact that the contracted company owner have been named, almost a month after the event, Municipal Secretary of Coari.

The Promoter of Justice reported that the diversion of resources will also be of administrative dishonesty action object against Arnaldo Mitouso, already serving time in semi-open regime by then the murder mayor of Coari, Odair Carlos Geraldo, occurred in 1995. He was also convicted by the ECA to return more than R $ 63 millions, between fines and glosses (spending public money unfounded).

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