FCecon offer 100 preventive examinations of free cervical cancer, Saturday in Manacapuru

The activity "100 collections to live without cancer" is part of the worldwide movement Pink October schedule.
12/10/2017 14h54 - Updated 16/10/2017 16h33
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No Saturday (14), in Manacapuru, the Amazonas State Oncology Control Center Foundation (FCecon) performs a screening action of cervical cancer, with free gift 100 preventive examinations. The activity "100 collections to live without cancer" is part of the worldwide movement Pink October schedule, no Status.

The activity will be held in a building on Avenida Boulevard Pedro Rattes, in a structure adapted to receive the user, with support from Non Governmental Organization (ONG) Vovozita.

The CEO of FCECON, oncological surgeon Marco Antonio Ricci, He explains that this type of examination is part of the basic health skills list. But, during preventive campaigns, the Foundation has made tracing actions of various types of cancer, to sensitize the population to seek prevention and early diagnosis.

The service will be in order of arrival, until vacancies are filled, from 8.30 am. The analysis of the collected material will be made in the Cytopathology Laboratory of FCECON. The results will return to the city in 60 days.

Patients with injuries installed will be forwarded to reference units for treatment, example daFCecon.

New cases this year
According to the most recent estimate of the National Cancer Institute (INCA), under the Ministry of Health (MS), or Amazon register 1.120 new diagnoses of breast and cervical this year.

According to Marco Antonio Ricci, cervical cancer is caused, more than 90% two cases, HPV viruses. "It is a disease 100% preventable and to detect any changes in the cervix occurs during the screening test, popularly known as Pap, a simple procedure that can save lives ", he explained.

Experts indicate that the exam should be done, annually, from the beginning of sexual life, avoiding, for example, that lesions in this area of ​​the human body, become malignant tumors.

"A lesion on the cervix, when detected early, It can be treated with various therapies, avoiding, like this, it evolves to cancer. But, if for some reason it becomes a malignant neoplasm, it is important that women understand that the sooner it is diagnosed, the greater the chances of cure of the disease. Hence the importance of screening tests ", concluded.

Pink October
The campaign October Rose happens there 13 years in the Amazon. The movement was started in the United States, in the late 1990, in order to sensitize the female population about the importance of tests that can diagnose early breast cancer, the highest incidence in the world and the biggest killer.

No Amazon, during the high cervical index, this type of the disease was incorporated into the theme.

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