Amazonian cuisine is featured nationally on TV with Chef Felipe Schaedler

the cable channel GNT series, presents fish, cores, aromas and unique flavors of the Amazonian cuisine.
16/10/2017 15h09 - Updated 16/10/2017 16h33
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The fishes, cores, aromas and unique flavors of the Amazonian cuisine are featured at the national level, all this week, Chefs with the Brazilian program, TV channel GNT series cable, which features the work of Chef Felipe Schaedler, Santa Catarina based in Manaus, that with great creativity and talent led the traditional regional cuisine to new heights, especially increasing in the media and national and international specialized events.

Currently the front of the Moquém Banzeiro restaurant - located in Crystal Gallery, in the neighborhood of Adrianople, and Banzeiro own, in the neighborhood Our Lady of Grace - Schaedler talks about respect for people and the culture of the region and how local knowledge has inspired the development of their dishes and further states, that its true school was the Municipal Market Adolpho Lisboa, in central Manaus, which has a variety of products such as fish meal and.

"I began to understand that what prevails here is the ingredient and began to get the message of the Amazon and how these flavors worked. It made who I am and I'm sure here do not go more ", explains the chef during the program that displays some of his creations like the peacock bass ceviche.

With many awards throughout his career, including the Order of Cultural Merit Medal, greater recognition of the Brazilian government to personalities who contribute to the development of the cultural identity of the country, Felipe Schaedler also presents your browser alongside new flavors and ingredients and highlights the importance of the Amazon gastronomy as a factor for healthy eating.

The Brazilian Chefs program is directed by Alberto Renault (series of Brazilian and Brazilian Art House) and features a North trip to southern Brazil through gastronomy, stories and experience of thirteen Brazilian chefs.

In addition to its restaurant in the Crystal Gallery in Manaus, the Amazon public can learn more about the work of Chef Felipe Schaedler in the presentations of the program that runs until next Sunday, at various times of Manaus, the GNT - Wednesday (2h), Thursday (14h), Friday (7h30), Saturday (3h30, 6h30 e 22h) and Sunday (11h) - and at any time on the Internet, no canal GNT Play.

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