David Almeida government is declared in default in the Single Registry Agreements

O interino colocou o Amazonas entre os nove estados da federação declarados como adimplentes no Cadastro Único de Convênios (bailer), the Ministry of Finance.
18/10/2017 15h07 - Updated 19/10/2017 17h05
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The management of the president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), Mr David Almeida (PSD), as acting governor for five months, Amazon placed between nine states declared as defaulting the Single Master Agreements (bailer), the Ministry of Finance. The Cauc is a kind of list of requirements that must be met for the federal government to provide resources through agreements.

The document certifies that the 13 obligations by the National Treasury were fulfilled by Amazon as: regularity as to taxes, social security contributions and active debt union; FGTS contribution regularity; regularity in the provision of federal funds accounts; Minimum application resources in education and transparency obligations; including the publication of fiscal management report and annual accounts of referrals.

Congressman David Almeida said only Amazonas and Pará are compliant in the North. In the evaluation of parliamentary, the document certifies that state resources were properly applied during his management. "All this is the result of planning, result of an environment, a philosophy of work undertaken in the past five months in the State Government. This is the result of a work done with a lot of responsibility and gave ear to the people ", these David.

Deputy Sabá Reis (PR), it was government leader Almeida, used the time regiment the small hours of the House, this Wednesday (18), to highlight the importance of the statement Cauc. "The State Government is squeaky-clean as it says that the Ministry of Finance document. This is the result of a zealous activity, efficient and transparent interim government of David ", he said.

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