Government Amazon invests $ 170 million in revitalization extensions inside

The funds come from the package of works of R $ 1,5 billion for infrastructure, announced earlier this year.
24/10/2017 15h46 - Updated 25/10/2017 18h04
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With over R $ 170 million invested, the Government of Amazonas is revitalizing extensions and vicinal more than 17 estado.Serão municipalities made earthmoving services, drainage and paving. The purpose of the works is to speed up the flow of production from fish farming and fruit growing. The delivery forecast some extensions and vicinal is later this year. The funds come from the package of works of R $ 1,5 billion for infrastructure, announced earlier this year. The branches are located throughout the state, at points where production is significant and moves the economy.

Investments in infrastructure have been received by the municipalities of Itacoatiara, Itapiranga, San Sebastian Uatumã, Autazes, Borba, Nam, Anori, Careiro Brown, Envira, Guajará, Ipixuna, Iranduba, Manaquiri, Rio Preto da Eva and Tabatinga.

They are contracted services for extensions of the municipalities of Envira, Itacoatiara, Itapiranga, Rio Preto da Eva, San Sebastian Uatumã, Careiro Brown, Iranduba, Manacapuru, Manaquiri and Tabatinga. Bidding phase are the municipalities of Autazes, Borba, Anamã e Anori. The extensions of the municipalities of Guajará and Ipixuna are under approval.

In Itacoatiara is retrieved extension Monkey Blind, with 3,4 kilometers long; in Itapiranga, the extension Cove, with 5,23 km; in Rio Preto da Eva the Alto Rio extensions are contemplated, with 9,16 km, bass River, with 13,66 km, Procopio, with 18,92 km e ZF9, with 21, 64 km long; in San Sebastian Uatumã will be the extension Santana. The investment for these extensions is in the order of R $ 19.331.270,00.

in Autazes, will be revitalized extensions of Açupuranga, with 6,14 km; Jatuá, with 4,60 km; Rosarinho, with 12,84 km; e Gapenu, with 3,03 km. In Borba will be the Borba / Mapiá road, with 26,78 km. These services receive investments of R $ 21.065.575,38.

in Anamã, It will benefit the Mato Grosso-Anori extension, with 21,79 km; and Anori, the Codajás-Anori extension, with 10,21 km. The investment is in the order of R $ 31.169.070,09.

In the municipality of Careiro Brown, They receive investment branch St. Joseph, with 14,46 km, and Green Belt, with 9,55 km, totaling R $ 14.804.180,33. In Envira be recovered Envira-Feijo / AC road, with 21,67 km, receiving a total of $ R 11.967.554,38. In Guajará will be the extension range, with 31,94 km; and Ipixuna extension Pernambuco, with 11,58 km. Together, they receive an investment of R $ 27.967.780,18.

In Iranduba will be Janauari extensions, with 20,37 km, and Sierra Low, with 2,86 km. Manacapuru is the road of boat-billed heron, with 7,35 km; and the extension will be Manaquiri Barro Alto, with 16,95 km; Lemon, with 4,56 quilômetros e Andiroba, with 6,87 km. The investment forecast for these three municipalities is $ 26.353.250,00.

And in Tabatinga will be the Incra I extensions, with 5,98 km; the Urumut, with 6,20 km; Novo Progresso, with 2 km; new Paradise, with 6,71 km; Holly Land, with 3,14 km; and North Perimeter II, with 2,45 kilometers long. The value of these services is estimated at R $ 12.889.738,24.

For determination of the governor Amazonino Mendes, in view of the need for other extensions in some of the contemplated municipalities, is being carried out the survey of extensions Village of Cuia and St. Felix, in Autazes; Road New Remanso; Jericho extension and extension Muiracupuzinho, in Itacoatiara; extension 14, in Autazes; extension Vasco Village; Vila do Grêmio; Good Hope; Bela Vista and the road linking Sacambú Brown, in Manacapuru; Road Cauldron, in Iranduba; and Aguas Claras, In Manaus.

The paving of extensions as "Zf9", in Rio Preto da Eva, e, more recently, O “Arapapá ", in Manacapuru, with 7,35 kilometers and investments of R $ 4.941.220,76, are examples of where the funds will be used. Together, both cities are the largest fish producers in the State. however, still face logistical difficulties flow. The boat-billed heron extension receives concrete flooring, with durability, since the region is almost entirely submerged during the flood period.

Work in Manacapuru
The production rural communities Bela Vista, São Raimundo and boat-billed heron, in Manacapuru, a 68 kilometers from Manaus, It will be boosted with the refurbishment and resurfacing roads and extensions. no day 19 of June, services are started for the resurfacing 7,5 kilometers from the main station that connects communities. The work should benefit, approximately, 700 families who work in this sector, and improve, mainly, the flow of production.

The action, initiated by the municipality of Manacapuru, is part of the road system rehabilitation works package scheduled by the Government of Amazonas and must include several municipalities in the state.

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