HPS North Zone begins offering urologic surgery and proctologic

Be accommodated patients receiving indicated UBS, polyclinics and waiting dial surgery.
31/10/2017 16h34 - Updated 31/10/2017 16h34
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In the month that the Blue November campaign warning the male population to give more attention to health, Hospital and Emergency Room (HPS) the North Zone will offer urological surgeries and proctologic. They will be treated patients who received indication procedures in primary care units (UBS) or Polyclinics and await the marking of surgery by Regulation System (Sisreg).

The North Zone HPS is a unit of state government administered by the Institute of Medicine, Research and Development (miracles). In addition to urological surgery and proctologic, HPS North Zone offers gynecological surgery, Gallbladder, hernia and skin cancer.

Urology is a surgical specialty of medicine, covering the urinary tract of men and women and the reproductive system of men. Already proctology is a branch that is dedicated to the treatment of diseases of the rectum and anus.

Procedure in the scrotum, bladder and vasectomy are among the surgeries are now performed from this week. Also included are anus surgery, hemorroida, fistulas, fissures and rectal prolapse, explains the North Zone HPS Surgical Center coordinator, Wagner William.

The new surgery, as well as the already available, they are elective, that is, those whose diagnosis indicates the need to perform with prior appointment, without urgent or emergency. Before scheduling are performed several tests and the patient must be healthy enough to go through the surgical procedure.

Wagner William explains that the patient should not go directly to the North Zone HPS. Before, It must be sent by the health unit where he was diagnosed. At UBS ou Policlinico, the patient receives the indication for surgery. In these same units, You should seek SISREG and request that the surgical procedure is performed in Hospital and Emergency Room of the North Zone.

The SISREG, in turn, refers the patient to the clinic HPS North Zone, where will undergo consultation with surgeon and anesthesiologist, and other procedures. after that, surgery is scheduled and performed.

In case of doubts, just get in touch with the internal core of Regulation (NIR) to HPS Zona Norte (92) 3182-9750.

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