Justice authorizes power cut in non-essential services in Manacapuru

According to the Court of Justice, Eletrobras Distribuidora claims that City Hall has debt of almost R $ 50 millions.
26/10/2017 15h43 - Updated 27/10/2017 16h54
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Judge Vanessa Leite Mota, 1st Court of the District of Manacapuru, He issued a decision upholding the appeal Amazonas Distribuidora de Energia against the Municipal Government, where it makes adequacy earlier decision of the Court to the decision of the Second Civil Chamber of the Amazon Court (TJAM), allowing the supply of electricity in municipal units not considered essential service due to non-payment of invoices is suspended. The debt Manacapuru Prefecture with the power utility, as the case, It is nearly R $ 50 millions.

dated 24 of October, the judgment was given in paragraph process 0007263-46.2013.8.04.5400 and lists the following locations with permitted suspension of supply: markets, fairs, bus station, quadra, Stadium, Culture house, Center Tourist Service, Producer Fair, City Hall Annex, Municipal Secretariat of Environment and Tourism, Amphitheater Park Inga, Municipal Cemetery of Manacapuru, Gilbertão Stadium and Gymnasium Poliesportivo Átila Lins.

in the decision, the magistrate prohibits the suspension of the power cut in related agencies the areas of health, security and education; on public roads; the Municipal Assistance and Social Promotion and the Municipal Health, to be essential services, according to the decision of the Second Civil Chamber.

"When I took the stick, the power utility embargoed, asking the Court adequasse the injunction to the Court's decision and clarify what was essential and what was not essential. (…) Authorized cutting and scored conciliation hearing for National Reconciliation Week and I've talked to the lawyers of the two parties, who are willing to make an agreement. I have no doubt that a debt of that size, the best way to solve it is by means of an agreement ".

The mayor Betanael da Silva D'Angelo said that the municipality recognizes the debt, Why, He pointed out that the values ​​are accumulated for decades. "We recognize the debt, accumulated over decades, and at no time refused to negotiate, within what you can afford, without compromising essential services, the budget and the demands of the municipality. Go to the conciliation hearing in an attempt to sanitize this big hole that was here in the city of Manacapuru ", stated.

As neither decision 1st degree, or 2nd degree exempted the municipality's obligation to pay the invoices due or accruing, Judge also determined for the same summons, within 30 days, resume the payment of monthly bills, provide it with the court deposit the amounts it deems to be the fair.

"One thing is to see the municipality guaranteed the right not to have suspended the power supply in essential services, another is the municipality to enforce that decision to simply stop paying any and all debt for the supply of energy ", says magistrate.

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