Justice suspends rule on respect for human rights in writing Enem

The rule says that those who disregard human rights in writing test may receive zero score.
26/10/2017 16h10 - Updated 27/10/2017 16h54
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A decision of the Federal Court of the 1st Region (TRF1) determined the rule of suspension provided for in the National Secondary Education Examination notice (one) that says that those who disregard human rights in writing test may receive zero score. The Enem composition test will be applied to more than 6 millions of candidates on 5 from November.

The decision was taken on an emergency basis at the request of the School No Party Association. On your request to TRF1, the organization says the rule is a "punishment in expressing opinion". "No one is obliged to say what does not think to have access to universities", No Party argued the School Association.

The National Institute of Educational Studies Teixeira (INEP) He said he respected the court decision, but will appeal the sentence as soon as notified. in a statement, the Ministry of Education (GUY) He reaffirmed that all his actions are marked by full respect for human rights, as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

By analyzing the case, federal judge Carlos Moreira Alves said the item is illegal because it offends the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression of thought and opinion. He also cited the absence of a reference purpose in the notice of contests, "Resulting in the deprivation of the right of entry into higher education institutions in accordance with the intellectual capacity demonstrated, If the view expressed by the participant will be considered radical, uncivilized, bigoted, racist, disrespectfully, controversy, intolerant or politically incorrect ".

The judge also argues that the ideological content of the essay topic of development should be one of the discursive proof correction elements, and no summary foundation for their disregard, with note assigning zero to the text produced, rated in relation to any intellectual content developed by writer.

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