Wash Jet says apartment rental receipts submitted by Lula are false

Task force wants documents are periciados to check if there 'assembly'.
06/10/2017 14h32 - Updated 10/10/2017 16h18
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The task force Wash Jet said are false the rent receipts submitted by the defense of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as evidence of payment of rent the apartment next door to the PT lives in Sao Bernardo do Campo. The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) filed on the night of Thursday the judge Sergio Moro called “falsehood incident” to determine the authenticity of documents.

in a statement, MPF said the evidence shows that the lease of the apartment and receipts are "roles created to disguise the true ownership of the property used by former President, which was purchased with funds from proven Odebrecht. "

Last week, GLOBE revealed that the glaucous entrepreneur from Costa Marques says he signed once all rent receipts for the year 2015. Owner of the apartment rented to the former president - who, for Task Force Jet Wash, was bought with bribes Odebrecht - Costa Marques maintains that received no rent February 2011 until November 2015, when his cousin José Carlos Bumlai was arrested.

One day after the arrest, a hospital in Sao Paulo, Costa Marques would have received a visit from lawyer Roberto Teixeira, compadre Lula, saying that rents would be paid. Just after, It was searched by the counter, João Leite, that at the request of Teixeira, He led the shipping receipts to be signed.

Prosecutors asked Moro receipts were periciados, besides the production of new evidence that could help show the falsity and "identify the time they were betting the signatures in each, unraveling when receipts were made, and whether there has been tampering and / or assemblies of such documents ".

I receipts, for the period between August 2011 and November 2015, They were presented by Lula's lawyers on the last day 26. The material caught the attention of researchers by presenting inaccuracies: two of them bring dates that do not exist - 31 June 2014 e 31 November 2015. Six other receipts bring typos. The name of the city where the apartment is was written as "St. Bernanrdo".

Lula bought the apartment 122 Green Hill Building, in São Bernardo do Campo, in 2000. During his two terms, the federal government leased the neighboring property, number 121 for security reasons and the contract expired in January 2011. At the end of 2010, the apartment was put up for sale and the buyer was glaucous Costa Marques, rancher's cousin José Carlos Bumlai, friend of Lula.

The former president denies the allegations and claims to be the victim of lawfare, free traduação, legal war with manipulation of the legal system.

Lula's lawyer, Cristiano Zanin Martins, He said in a statement “expertise in receipts will show that they are suitable and that were signed by the property owner, providing for discharge of the lease D. Marisa, who signed the lease”. According to the defense, “The questioning of the MPF is a tactical magician who failed to prove that values ​​from Petrobras contracts benefited former President Lula”.

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