Lava Jet investigates use of Petrobras subsidiaries to favor Odebrecht

Researchers have identified practices such as corruption crime and money laundering in contracts.
20/10/2017 17h23 - Updated 20/10/2017 17h23
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Pedro Peduzzi - Brazil Agency

The 46th phase of Operation Lava jet erupted on Friday (20) had as former employees focus Petrobras group linked to Petrobras Química (Petroquisa). From documents provided by Odebrecht, researchers, at the request of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), identified practices such as corruption crime and money laundering in contracts formed with the Suape Petrochemical Company and the Pernambuco Integrated Textile (Citepe), connected to Petroquisa.

According to the public prosecutor Roberson Pozzobon, the current stage includes two procedures jet wash. "The first concerns the investigation involving a former subsidiary of Petrobras, Petroquisa, and illicit practiced within the PetroquímicaSuape with Citepe ", said Attorney. "The second deals with the probation directed to Luiz Carlos Moreira da Silva, accused of committing crimes in Petrobras, involving money laundering through the contracting of drilling ships Petrobras 10,000 and 10,000 Victory. "

Favor exchange
Segundo Pozzobon, what caught the attention of researchers was the fact that there, Also in the executive body of Petrobras subsidiaries, "Exchange of favors directed to the Odebrecht Group, in the form of a contract in which one perceives the price escalation that resulted in hiring ". The prosecutor pointed out two suspects contracts. The first, made in December 2008, I had as price target R $ 1,085 billion. "Later, in June 2011, this contract was additive in an additional $ 330 millions. In October 2011, It has made a new additive R $ 256 millions. Thereby, the contract reached R $ 1.9 billion to thin.”

The second contract, R $ 1.8 billion, It involves Odebrecht, but it is associated with the interests of Citepe. Although "a number of indications that showed it is unenforceable contract, he received help from public officials for corruption to continue and receive large-scale ". In 2012, this contract received additives that did rise to around R $ 3,5 billion. "This is a case that shows the cost of corruption", said attorney.

"In this context, approval of billionaires additives is the best way to guarantee the payment of undue advantage — and this occurred largely in the case. There were more than five public senior officials involved in Petrobras ", he added, citing as recipients of undue advantages supply director Paulo Roberto Costa; the executive manager of Petrobras Supply area, Paulo César Aquino; director of new business of Petroquisa, Djalma Rodrigues; the general manager linked to engineering, Glauco Tie, and also the former manager of the state Maurício Guedes.

Early, by note, the prosecutor said, based on documents submitted by bank employees contractor, only payments abroad totaled the significant amount of R $ 32,57 millions. Only one of the investigated, received R $ 17,7 millions. Part of the funds is blocked by Swiss authorities. The payments were made between 2008 e 2014. According to the MP, "It may have later been other payments and successive acts of money laundering".

An "evidence" extracted from a document of Petrobras' internal investigation commission drew the attention of researchers. "In him, the commission concludes, in a part, the goal [from the company] It was performed at work, not taking into account the cost, the term, much less profitability. In this case, the cost of corruption was quite evident ", afirmou Pozzobon.

According to the prosecutor, in sentencing and adjudication of prison Luiz Carlos Moreira da Silva was found that, knowing it would be investigated, it deleted from your email inbox messages that committed in the calculation. "Later it was proven because the recipient of the e-mails were not deleted the", reported.

According to the regional delegate for Combating Organized Crime in Parana, Igor Romário de Paula, all search warrants issued in the transaction have been met. "Only one person investigated had ordered his forceful presentation was not found", said the delegate.

When they arrived at the home of one of the suspects, had decreed temporary detention, the police saw that he had returned yesterday (19) of a hospital, after making a surgery that requires absolute rest and dietary restrictions and medical. "Nevertheless, precautionary measures such as passport confiscation and prohibition to leave the country and avoid contact with other investigated were applied ", reported.

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