More of 320 thousand workers have the right to withdraw PIS / PASEP in the Amazon

Benefício ano-base 2016 It began to be paid in 27 July this year.
17/10/2017 15h47 - Updated 18/10/2017 16h58
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The Ministry of Labor releases from this Thursday (19) payment of salary allowance of PIS / PASEP base year 2016 for workers in the private initiative born in October. From that date will also be paid public servants with final registration 3. No Amazon, 320.332 They are entitled to benefit. The available value hits $ 180.267.037,78.

This is the fourth batch of payment. Workers covered by the PIS withdrawing money at branches box or lottery shops nationwide. Linked to Pasep derive the benefit of the Bank of Brazil.

The Salary Bonus base year 2016 It began to be paid in 27 July this year. Already been released resources for private workers born in July, August and September and for servers with final registration 0, 1 e 2.

Up until 31 of September, They had sought a bank branch in the Amazon to receive money 71.010 thousand workers, or corresponding to 22,17% the total number of persons entitled to benefit. The amount paid totaled R $ 51.342.289.70.

According to the Ministry of Labour, the region with the highest coverage rate to date is the Northeast, at where 23,24% workers withdrew the benefit. The lower demand was recorded in the Midwest, where this percentage is 21,71%. In the North, is registered fee 22,23%.

“The value that each employee is to receive is proportional to the number of months worked formally in the base year and ranges from $ 79 a R$ 937”, the Ministry.

Who can withdraw
To be eligible for benefits you must have worked for at least formally 30 days 2016 with an average yield of up to two minimum wages in the working period. Besides that, the worker had to be enrolled in the PIS / PASEP for at least five years and have had their data properly informed by the employer in the Annual Social Information (President).

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