Marina calls Bolsonaro of 'populist’ and does not believe in things' resolved violently’

A política deu entrevista à BBC Brasil em Londres, em uma de suas paradas de seu tour pela Europa
19/10/2017 18h15 - Updated 19/10/2017 18h16
Photo: Vagner Fields / MSILVA Online / SEE

Marina Silva, in an interview with BBC Brazil in London, in one of his stops of his tour of Europe calls the deputy Jair Bolsonaro of “populist”.

“I think when you signal to society that can solve things at any cost, any price, as if this were just a matter of strength, it has a very strong populist bias. I do not believe in things that are resolved violently, exclusionary”, says.

for Marina, Congress has difficulty revoke its members by “corporatism” and various legends of different political spectrum come together to “save his own skin”.

“Those who have never joined to defend health, education, public security, infrastructure, They are now united to avoid punishment who have committed crimes”, says, citing PT, PMDB, And PSDB DEM.

evangelical, defends the secular state. Environmentalist, He says skeptics about global warming are a minority and should adopt the precautionary principle to prevent the man destroy nature.

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