Maués bet on tourism as economic matrix

One of the main tourist destinations in the Amazon, Maués currently has 297 beds in hotels.
25/10/2017 16h23 - Updated 25/10/2017 16h23
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From the second half of November, the visitor who landed in Maués (a 253 Km from Manaus) will have another lodging option in the Land of Guarana, with the implementation of the "Bed and Breakfast", facing increased supply of beds for tourists, and at the same time, generate up 300 new direct and indirect jobs, during the summer season.

One of the main tourist destinations in the Amazon, Maués currently has 297 beds in hotels. The project, which is part of the Tourism Incentive Program (Print), created by the City, by Culture and Tourism Bureau (Tourism Ministry), to transform the sector in economic matrix, which aims to provide more 150 quality accommodation - and at a lower cost - in the homes of city residents and nearby communities.

The goal of the town hall, which together with the State Tourism Company (Amazonastur), It is developing the project, that is until the first week of December, when it happens one of the most traditional in the state events, the 38th Festival of Guarana, the "Bed and Breakfast" is fully underway, to meet expected demand for 80 thousand people who should visit, and watch, the three days of concerts with national and regional attractions, sports tournaments and participate in the trade fair of the primary sector.

"Maués has a tourist vocation that has been largely neglected by the public sector over the years, but since the beginning of 2017 we are investing to provide conditions for tourists, and also to entrepreneurs and craftsmen, to make tourism a major source of income and employment in the municipality, along with guarana ", said the mayor Maués, Junior Milk.

He also pointed out that the three major events held this year - Carnival, Birthday Maués and Summer Festival - over 150 thousand visitors landed in the city and no occurrence was recorded police was recorded on account of security investments and conducting training courses and training in the tourism sector.

Bed and Breakfast
The system "Bed and Breakfast", ou “Bed and Breakfast”, It is one of the oldest hosting models. The modern concept was rescued in Ireland in the late 1960 and became popular throughout Europe in the following decades, coming soon after América do Norte.

No Brasil, the sport has gained strength from 2010, mainly in the Southeast and the Northeast by tourist, with confirmation of the great events that the country would host in the following years: the world Cup (2014) and the Olympic Games (2016).

As the name suggests, the guest / tourist rents a room in the house of a city dweller, where in addition to accommodation, You are entitled to a meal, usually breakfast. second specialists, to stay "Bed and Breakfast" comes to be 30% cheaper than in hotels.

In the model that will be implemented in Maués, residents interested in participating should have available in their homes, bed rooms, air conditioning, private bathroom and TV, plus other optional services. We must also register with the Ministry of Tourism, through the Individual Micro-entrepreneur program (MAY).

"By the end of the year, the goal is to register 30 residents, with two to five beds per house. And besides headquarters, we will evaluate the hosting in coastal and rural communities, allowing tourists to experience the daily life and experiences of traditional populations of the Amazon, such as sustainable fishing and harvesting of guarana ", added Junior Leite.

The Hall closed another important partnership, within the Program “Maués More Opportunities”. The Department of Culture and Tourism, along with CETAM, opened registration for courses geared to tourism.

They are courses and regional cooking, Travel information (for tourist guide training) s photo. Are about 30 places per course and registration can be made at the headquarters of the Culture and Tourism Department (SECTUR) on the street in Boa Vista neighborhood Ramalho Junior.

Those interested need to bring documents such as RG, CPF, proof of education and residence. The SECTUR's operating hours are from 8am to 12pm and from 14h to 17h. Courses start on the next day 06 from November.

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