Ponta Negra, audience 70 sings thousand congratulations to Manaus to the rhythm of Boi

For the CEO of Manauscult, Bernardo Monteiro de Paula, It was a very proud moment.
24/10/2017 15h29 - Updated 25/10/2017 18h05
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At the sound of very Boi-Bumba and with a large fireworks display, Manaus celebrated the arrival of their 348 years in the Tourist Complex Ponta Negra, the West Region. The approximately 70 thousand people who circulated the 20th edition of the festival took part in the countdown made by Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto, along with the First Lady, Elisabeth Valeiko, and sang Happy Birthday to the Amazon capital in the first minutes of the day 24/10.

This was the third edition of the event held in Ponta Negra. The new configuration adopted by the Municipal Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events (Manauscult) brought to partygoers more space, comfort and safety.

"Today, we celebrate the anniversary of our city and 20 Ox years Manaus. Here we make the third time in our management. Manaus is beautiful and celebrate their 348 years that day of joy and excitement for me and for all who are here ", said Mayor.

For the CEO of Manauscult, Bernardo Monteiro de Paula, was a very proud moment be able to celebrate the anniversary of the city gathering the Amazonian people and many artists of Boi in a big party.

"The city has prepared a historical edition of the Boi Manaus with two nights of great celebration and fun. All this is only possible with the partnership of artists and the cultural investment made by Mayor Arthur Neto ", She emphasized Bernardo.

The industriária Gilce Carvalho showed a lot of excitement with the passage of threes and made the most of the party. For her, the Boi Manaus is the city's birthday guy. "Manaus is beautiful and we need to celebrate their 348 years with this great party. So here's all good. Happy birthday Manaus ", wished.

They performed this first night artists like Kuarup group, Helen Veras and Carlos Batata, P. A. Chaves and Fabio Casa Grande, Prince do Boi, Sebastião Junior, Arlindo Junior, Robson Junior and Fabiano Neves, Apart from the Bois de Manaus.

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