government leader says the focus now is to improve the health status

Dermilson Chagas afirmou que o foco agora é “arrumar a casa”, após esclarecimento sobre o déficit de R$ 575 million in state health.
17/10/2017 16h13 - Updated 18/10/2017 16h58
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After clarification of the deficit of R $ 575 million in state health, made by the State Secretary of Health (Sesame), Francisco Deodato who was on Tuesday (17), the Legislative Assembly of the State (hazard), the government leader, Mr Chagas Dermilson (PEN), He said the focus now is "clean house", reviewing contracts, so there is a better management in health and other sectors of the Amazon.

"The information released by Deodato, They came from the transition committee and it's been a long time, and is now playing the state forward, Governor Amazonino Mendes He pledged to put everything to work what state already has, and this is what he has and will continue doing. Clean house, is to review the contracts and how will manage the health to be able to also solve the problems of other segments also, such as public safety and education ", said.

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