Operation Light Childhood serving five search warrants against pedophiles in the Amazon

A college student Law 23 years and a man of 49 years were caught in the act.
20/10/2017 15h16 - Updated 21/10/2017 15h37
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The Civil Police of the State of Amazonas and the Executive Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and in partnership with the National Public Security Secretariat (Senasp) the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety (MJSP), broke out in the early morning of Friday (20), around 06h, the integrated operation "Light of Childhood".

The warrants were served at five addresses in Cologne neighborhoods Oliveira Machado, Zona Sul; New Town and Lago Azul, North Zone; Park Ten November, Centro-Sul; and Redemption, Central-West. Two men were arrested red-handed. A college student Law 23 years and a man of 49 years.

Aiming to investigate crimes of sexual exploitation of children. They are being executed five search warrants and seizure in the capital. They are involved in the operation "Light of Childhood" 50 fifty police officers.

According to the Civil Police, computers were seized and computing devices where illegal content were stored. Throughout the operation, nine people were taken to the headquarters of Specialized Police in the Protection of Children and Adolescents (depc) to provide clarification.

The operation was led by the delegate-general of the Civil Police, Mariolino Brito, by the Deputy Delegate General, Antonio Neto Chicre, and the director of the DPM, delegate Geraldo Eloi. Operational coordination was made by delegated Juliana Tuma, holder DEPCA.

The operation was called Light of Childhood for being barbaric and harmful crimes against sexual dignity of children and adolescents. The internet facilitates this type of criminal conduct and, usually, criminal act in the shadows and ghettos of the world wide web.

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