Pedestrian crossing in the street or out of range may be fined R $ 44

The measure is the resolution of Contran published today, which also regulates penalties for cyclists.
27/10/2017 14h13 - Updated 30/10/2017 16h57
Photo: Márcio James / Semcom

A resolution of the National Traffic Council (Contran) published in today's edition (27) of the Official Gazette regulated procedures for prosecuting and fining pedestrians and cyclists for traffic violations. The rights and duties and penalties also forecast were already established in the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), but rules needed to standard procedures.

Among one of the measures set out in resolution is fine in the amount of R $ 44 the pedestrians who were caught crossing in the street or outside the crosswalk, unless there are signs for this purpose. Besides that, the pedestrian can also be fined crossing lanes on bridges, bridges or tunnels, except where there is permission.

The resolution under Resolution 706/17, also states that the assessment notice must be registered with the full name and the offender's identification number and, when possible, address and social security number.

No case two cyclists, It will be considered infringing conduct bike tours where is not allowed to flow, or aggressively. According to the code, the rider dismounted pushing the bike up equates to the pedestrian in rights and duties. Besides that, traffic agent that catch such violations should write down the information available bike such as make and model.

The resolution published today begins the value from 180 days and brings administrative standardization for the issuance of tax assessment, shipping assessment notification and penalties notification.

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