People over 70 years can draw from the PIS / PASEP quotas from today

The withdrawal is valid only for workers who had signed portfolio and contributed to some of the two funds to 4 October 1988.
19/10/2017 16h52 - Updated 19/10/2017 17h30
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People from 70 years that have contributed to the Social Integration Program (PIS) or the Civil Servants Asset Development Program (Pasep) may withdraw the shares in the funds from today (19). The withdrawal is valid only for workers who had signed portfolio and contributed to some of the two funds to 4 October 1988.

In 17 from November, get the sack for retirees. In 14 from December, the withdrawal is released for men from 65 years and for women from 62 years. There is no deadline for withdrawals. The heirs of deceased shareholders can withdraw money at any time.

Who contributed after 4 October 1988 You are not entitled to serve. This is because the Constitution 1988 He started to allocate the contributions of PIS / PASEP companies for the Fund for Worker (FAT), that pays unemployment insurance and salary bonuses, and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).

Since the creation of PIS / PASEP, in 1971, the total withdrawal could only be done when the worker completed 70 years, retired or had serious illness or disability. The provisional measure issued recently by President Michel Temer eased restrictions on withdrawals. However, citizens under the age is not entitled to quota, even if it has contributed before 1988, when came into force the current Brazilian Constitution.

According to the government, the release of the looting of the PIS / PASEP quotas will inject R $ 15,9 billion into the economy and benefit 7,8 million people. Of this total, R$ 11,2 billion will come from PIS Serves, linked to private sector workers and managed by Caixa Econômica Federal, that will benefit 6,4 million shareholders. The rest will come from Pasep, linked to civil servants and state employees and joint stock companies and administered by the Bank of Brazil.

PIS Withdrawal
Caixa Econômica, the PIS shareholders may make the removal of three ways. Payments of up to R $ 1,5 thousand will be made at ATMs, typing the password Citizen, without the need for bank card. Who does not have the password can get it in the box site, simply click "forgot password" and fill in the details.

Withdrawals of up to R $ 3 thousand can be made at ATMs, but the customer will need to use the Citizen Card and enter the password Citizen. In the lottery and banking correspondents, the quota holder can withdraw money, leading the Citizen Card, Password citizen and an official identification document with photo. Above this value, the beneficiary must go to any box office leading official photo ID.

Box customers received the deposit automatically in current accounts on Tuesday (17), two working days before the withdrawal schedule. Box said it also will transfer the money to customers of other banks, provided the account is in the same payee name. The operation will not cost.

Serves Pasep
Regarding Pasep Serves, the Bank of Brazil also automatically deposited, on Tuesday, the money in the accounts of the institution's account holders. Unitholders with a balance of up to R $ 2500 and no bank account may request transfer to any account in your name at another financial institution in the bank's web page or in self-service terminals.

Non-account holders with a balance above that amount or deceased shareholders heirs should go to agencies. From 19 a 31 of October, 1.334 Brazil's Bank branches across the country will open an hour early for exclusive service to the shareholders of Pasep. The list of special time with service centers is available on the bank's website.

Customers with questions can consult the pages of Cash or Bank of Brazil. If the box page report that the account number is registered in Pasep, the employee must go to BB's page. Constantly, the two banks update the databases and transfer the PIS account to the Pasep who went to work in the public service or any state.

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