Police recover stolen vehicle and seize teenager who planned the crime

The car was available to the Court, the outer area of ​​the DIP 6, in the New Town neighborhood, North of Manaus.
26/10/2017 15h26 - Updated 27/10/2017 16h55
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The research team of the 6th District Integrated Police (DIP), under the command delegate Jeff David Mac Donald, holder of the police unit, He seized early on Thursday (26), a teenage 17 years, robbery author occurred on the night of Tuesday, day 24, around 22:30. As the police authority, the teenager stole a vehicle, the automaker Chevrolet, Montana model, black color, seized during a police report. The car was available to the Court, the outer area of ​​the DIP 6, in the New Town neighborhood, North of Manaus.

Mac Donald spoke of the occurrence during a press conference on the morning of Thursday, day 26, por volta the 10:30, in building 6 DIP. In this ocasion, explained that, after spotting the teenager vehicle police station parking, triggered a winch to remove the car's location. The juvenile offender informed the owner of the winch that the car belonged to him and was in the police unit because of an accident. He paid $ 100 in kind by service.

"Yesterday morning I noticed the lack of a vehicle in the area outside the station. During investigations analyze images captured by security cameras installed in shops near the police unit and found that the car was removed on Day holiday 24 of October, around 22:30, by a small winch. From the graphical computing resource identified the winch and last night we managed to qualify the vehicle owner. This morning, during interrogation, man informed us that left the car stolen in adolescent home. The owner of the said winch, still, which received R $ 100 the service ", He informed the holder of the 6 DIP.

Around 9:30 am, the 6 DIP investigation team went to the teen's home, located in Espinosa Street, And old, Mount Sinai nonjoint, New Town neighborhood, North Zone, and found the car stolen in front of his house.

"When we arrived at the address indicated by the hoist owner, found the vehicle parked in front of the teen's home. We did search the property and found several items, possibly used in other criminal practices. We were also in adolescent workplace, a mechanical workshop, where he argued that he wanted to have a model car and Montana, the car actually being abandoned, in need of repairs and it work in a machine shop, intended to fix the car ", detailed Jeff David.

The police official said that the vehicles seized, that they are in the area outside the station, They are the responsibility Justice. The holder of the 6 DIP said, still, that managers of the civil police are already making a plan for the withdrawal of vehicles of Justice of the external areas of police stations. "The management of the institution are taking steps to remove the vehicles of police stations, because the cars do not belong to the Civil Police and are in the custody of Justice. For lack of place to store them, the vehicles are, temporarily, the police units ", stated.

Or teen, which already has the passage Specialized Police in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai) by receiving, It was returned to the Deaai. He will answer for infraction similar act to the robbery crime.

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