Mayor Arthur announces shipping of the dates base 2017-2018 and bonus 15% room for masters

The document benefits educators of the Municipal Education (semed).
16/10/2017 15h27 - Updated 16/10/2017 15h27
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The Manaus Prefecture send to City Hall, next Wednesday, 18, the bills relating to the record date of municipal employees of the year 2017 e 2018. The document benefits educators of the Municipal Education (semed). The announcement was made by Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto early Sunday, 15, Teachers' day, at which also announced a bonus 15% in the November sheet for the teachers working in the classroom.

"I remember we paid the first half of the 13th salary, as we always do, in June. The money was deposited since March. August we, with the resources of the second half provisioned, December rolls around waiting. No surprises. Only strict compliance with the duty ", Arthur published on his personal page on the Internet.

Especially educators, the mayor recalled that over 1500 progressions by ownership, that is, for those who completed Ph.D., master's or specialization, They have already been granted. "Behold, consolidated policy, there are times, in our management. We have also entered the final stretch to complete progressions for length of service, benefiting over 12 thousand professionals ", He said the mayor emphasized that these progressions will be permanent and mean better pensions and fairer.

In your postage, Arthur also highlighted the 'bold' investments in pedagogy, obtaining as a result Manaus was the city that grew most in IDEB, conducted in 2015, with results reported in 2016. According to the mayor, "2018 will be the infrastructure of the time". The teaching units will undergo maintenance, repairs and reforms, besides building, in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), from 11 Infant schools, 11 elementary education and 7 creches, all functional and wide dimension.

"Ad, Teacher's Day on the occasion, or increase, already in the November sheet, or increase, for 15%, by way of teaching practice, that is, the bonus for teachers who work in the classroom. For us, each day of fighting, next to that prepared and brave class Education, is a victory smelling sacrifice and love. I extend my love, and my team, to the private network of teachers and Seduc. Are all ones of my feeling and soul that will never lose ", Arthur finished recalling some of his beloved teacher.

Progressions and adjustments
Since last July, Manaus City Hall announced the use of the resources of the Fund for the Development of Basic Education and Valuing of Education Professionals (Fundeb) for wage incorporation of its servers, with the payment of progressions by title and length of service, beyond reframing, which are incorporated in the salaries of teachers and can be taken to retirement.

Total, It will benefit more than eight thousand servers education with progressions for length of service, and more than six thousand are already having their corporate benefits to wages. Payment this month of October, will be more 370 benefit. The servers will be entitled to retroactive payment alluding to the August 1.

In addition to the progressions, since 2013 Manaus City Hall has granted increases above inflation to municipal educators, as well as aid-feeding, vouchers and other benefits. Because of the consequences of the worsening economic crisis in 2016, this year could not be granted a data-base of teachers, already provided for 2018 entitled to retroactive.

currently, the salary of the teacher of the municipal network is above the national average, with adjustments that reach 40% since then. Today, the base salary of a teacher in classroom 40 hours of Semed is $ 4.002,54 (R $ 1866.90 more than the national floor, which is R $ 2.135,64). There was also the elevation of food assistance of servers 10%, who for eight years did not suffer increased.

Besides that, the little more than ten thousand teachers in the municipal receiving regular professional qualification, with the offer of scholarships for postgraduate courses, mentoring program, as well as investments above that required by the Ministry of Education (GUY). In addition to the appreciation of the teacher, another part of the Fundeb feature is also intended for maintenance and development of education.

“No educational public policy can achieve the desired goals if we are not committed professionals that have the Semed. Our educational indices have grown over the years thanks to dedication, competence and joint work between our technical team and our over 10 thousand teachers, that help build a better future for our, approximately, 240 thousand students. Together, We remain committed to further improve the education offered by public schools and do Manaus reference in the quality of teaching and learning”, He concluded the Secretary Semed, Katya Schweickardt.

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