Mayor Arthur said to be the best option to unmask Lula in elections 2018

Em artigo do jornal O Globo o tucano se intitula como “um amazonense que acredita encarnar as melhores possibilidades de enfrentar, desmascarar e derrotar o populista Lula”.
20/10/2017 16h25 - Updated 21/10/2017 15h36
Photo: AM POST

In an article published on Friday (20), the newspaper O Globo, entitled "Odd or even, no', the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto (PSDB) responds to "stupefaction of unbelievers sectors", reaffirms his candidacy to the PSDB prior to choosing its candidate for president in 2018 and claims to be a "Amazon believes that embody the best possibilities to face, unmask and defeat the populist Lula (former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva)”.

"Disputarei the PSDB previous, choice of candidate for the Presidency. I realized the amazement of incredulous sectors. As a militant who was federal deputy and senator 20 years, leader and government minister Fernando Henrique, Secretary General of the acronym and leader of the opposition to Lula consulate had no legitimacy to rehearse the bold step ", says Mayor Article.

The mayor remembers who won nine of 13 times he played the popular vote and directs Manaus for the third time. And said to be "someone who does not accept a homophobic fascist kidnapping feelings of youth and rekindling the worst memories of a power system that oppressed us for two decades", without mentioning the name of Congressman Jair Bolsonaro.

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