Mayor Arthur Neto takes gaffe of João Dória to attack

Doria said 'poor eating habits have not' and Arthur expressed outrage at the sentence the mayor of São Paulo.
26/10/2017 16h29 - Updated 27/10/2017 16h54
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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, video published on social networks in demonstrating indignation statement the mayor of São Paulo, João Dória, from 2007, he says that poor eating habits have not. The matter came to light after Doria has a product called 'farinata' to be distributed in the municipal school system. The product was called 'human food' and criticized by the Federal Council of Nutritionists.

In the text accompanying the video, the mayor of Manaus states that "poor eating habits have, sim!"And goes on to say that" here in Amazonas have fish, manioc flour and açaí. ultimately, everything comes from nature and can serve for the people's livelihood, from hunting or fishing. The Northeast also has food habit, sim. And what we need is to understand the culture of the Brazilian people, this immense country, and then understand the food culture of the same people. We will discuss this issue seriously to propose also serious and effective solutions. I manifest my indignation here by the position of the mayor of São Paulo ".

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