President of PDT in Parintins gives punch to the hairdresser's face in public and gets away with it

Segundo testemunhas a cabeleireira exigiu que a polícia cumprisse a Lei Maria da Penha com a prisão do político mas não foi ouvida.
25/10/2017 14h19 - Updated 26/10/2017 16h21
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The hairdresser Geovana Gomes, He was assaulted with a punch to the face by the President of PDT in Parintins, Francisco Vasconcelos, known in the city as Chiquinho Auto Parts, on Tuesday (24). According to police reports (WILL) registered by the victim in front of the Supermarket Baranda, located on the street Paes de Andrade, Center.

Also according to the BO, beyond physical aggression hairdresser was also verbally abused by the politician with insults like "slut, caloteira e pineira”.

Witnesses to the fact said to be verbally abused, several times in public, Geovana would have slapped on Chiquinho, who retaliated with a punch to the hairdresser's face who fell to the ground. The garrison police went to the scene of the assault, but it did not take anyone to the Police station. The hairdresser demanded that the police fulfill the Maria da Penha Law with the arrest of political but not heard.

In his defense Chiquinho said the Geovana version is lying and that in addition to not pay a debt of rent that has with it the hairdresser tries to denigrate him wherever he goes. “She fault with the truth. He called me a crook and I said: that you tricked me. She worked at the point of our company and she went out leaving rent, light and we performed in court. And it came to be seized her car. And where it goes through me she tries to demoralize me ", He stressed.

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