Professionals Seduc and Semed must pass the inspection of psychological health

O alerta é devido a tragédia ocorrida na creche em Janaúba (MG), last week, when a fire safety put in place, killing nine children.
11/10/2017 14h50 - Updated 12/10/2017 14h21
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The chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of the City of Manaus (CMM), Councilman professor Gedeão Amorim (PMDB), warned today, 10, about the importance of assessing the psychological health of the professionals involved in state education and municipal dealing, daily, with children and adolescents in schools.

Gedeão Amorim made the warning to remember the tragedy in the nursery in Janaúba (MG), last week, when a fire safety put in place, killing nine children, Professor them and then committing suicide. The congressman filed a a statement to the State Department of Education (Seduc) and the Municipal Department of Education (semed) so that the folders do monitoring of education professionals each year, as a way to ensure the emotional health of servers.

For parliamentary, people who have positions and activities within education, must undergo thorough evaluations to assume such functions. "No one seeks to know people's lives, how they live, as they are or what their temperamental conditions and the person who shot fire school, according to the papers, He was a loner, quiet and even surprised everyone with that attitude ", says Amorim.

Councilman urged parliamentarians due attention to what happened, so that no more than an isolated case and draws attention also to the municipal executive to make a general review to schools, reviewing fire prevention conditions, which is slightly charged within these structures.

"It remains for us, provided representatives and dedicated to the interests and needs of the community that from a fact like this have the sensitivity to trigger the government for what we can do as prevention ", says councilor.

Burnout syndrome
Gideon Amorim, also, He warned of some emotional problems that may affect the professional education and should be evaluated by managers, as Burnout Syndrome. Diagnosed more than 30 years, the syndrome affects professionals with high levels of stress causing psychological problems and even physical.

It is defined as a psychological disorder characterized by the unconscious manifestation of emotional exhaustion ", He explained the parliamentary. He also said that such exhaustion occurs because of great efforts in the work they do with the professional becomes more aggressive, riled up, disinterested, unmotivated, frustrated, depressive and evaluating negatively.

The term Burnout comes from the English language, from the two-term union: burn e out, meaning respectively and burn out. The union of the terms is best translated as something like "being consumed by fire". From the decade of 1980, authors such as Maslach started to use this term for the syndrome caused by human emotional exhaustion.

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