Minha Casa, My Life Delivery 500 residences in Maués

The houses of the newest housing Amazonas together - Residential José Esteves II - have 43 m2 of built area.
10/10/2017 14h58 - Updated 10/10/2017 16h17
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Nídia Silva, Cristiane Cardoso de Oliveira and Gilia are women Amazonas, responsible for the livelihood of their homes and since yesterday morning (09), are owners of fact and right to their respective residences, at a ceremony held by the federal program My House, My Life and Maués Prefecture, in the Land of Guarana (a 253 km from Manaus). Total, 500 houses were delivered, of which 70% They are in the name of "chefas" family.

The houses of the newest housing Amazonas together - Residential José Esteves II - have 43 m2 of built area and are divided into room, WC, two rooms, Cup, service area, solar power system and sewage treatment.

Work began in 2011 and were expected to be delivered in 2013, but bureaucratic and legal disputes paralyzed activities until January this year, when the local government, He resumed interest in the completion of the project.

"I waited so long have lost my documentation twice. But worth it because eventually I'll have a place to raise my son 4 years", Cardoso told Gilia seller, that after eight years, will leave the room where mother lives in the house eight years ago.

Paying about $ R 400 rental per month - against the current R $ 50 which will pay for the house - domestic Cristiana Oliveira also celebrates the end of a drama in your life and the four children.

"Sincerely, had given up the house. I was living favor in the backyard of a friend because I got tired of so many promises of two mayors, until the current management decided to finish once with this drama ", gushed.

During the event the mayor Maués, Junior Milk, said that in addition to resolving bureaucratic issues with the Federal Savings Bank and the Ministry of Cities in meetings in Brasilia, the city held a series of actions to prepare the neighborhood to get all the demand for social services, safety, health and education that will be required by new residents.

"We have a UBS that serves the region and we are already planning to build a new health unit in front of the home that will be implemented in the coming months", said the mayor, which also announced a major housing project that will deliver and regulate thousand lots to 2020 for needy families in the municipality.

The housing manager of Caixa Econômica Federal in Amazonas, Augusto Manoel, He said the Residential José Esteves II of the project is estimated at R $ 26 million and that the main problems of My House, My Life in the Amazon, are the high rates of default and sale of real estate before the deadline determined by law.

"Each set of home costs $ Maués 52 thousand parcels range from $ 25 a R$ 250. In a decade, the resident to take it seriously will complete the payment off and still be able to furnish the house and improve the quality of life of his family ", he added Manoel.

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