Four men arrested for sexually abusing child 8 years in Ponta Negra

Os acusados tinham faixa etária entre 48 e 58 anos eles foram indiciados por estupro de vulnerável.
27/10/2017 13h51 - Updated 30/10/2017 16h57
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The Civil Police of Amazonas arrested yesterday afternoon, Thursday (26), In Manaus, four men accused of sexually abusing a girl 8 years ago about a year in the capital of Amazonas. According to Juliana delegated Tuma, holder of Police Protection in the Specialized Children and Adolescents (depc), abuses occurred in the child's grandmother's house, in a residential neighborhood in Ponta Negra.

The four men - a mechanical 57 years, a painter of 58 years, a gardener of 51 years and a vigilante 48 years - were arrested by the temporary arrest warrant for rape of vulnerable. According to the deputy Tuma, the investigation into the case began in early September this year, after the victim's mother to formalize a police report (WILL) the police station.

"The fact that this girl be in a vulnerable condition and having their innocence stolen early, It does not give the right to suspects of taking advantage of the victim and, still, not having to account to see a child there. It is noteworthy that this child already came from an abusive situation, but this does not justify a person to take advantage of its fragile condition ", said Tuma.

According to the holder of DEPCA, They were represented five warrants temporary prison and five search and seizure, Only four have been met. The court orders were issued on 29 September this year, by Judge Patricia Chacon Oliveira Loureiro, Stick Specialized Crimes Against Sexual Dignity of Children and Adolescents.

"During the steps, mobile devices offenders were apprehended, for the child at the police station reported that the suspects showed pornographic videos to her and, also, photographing the private parts of it. One of the prisoners said to staff that really made the victim because photos herself asking for it ", said Juliana Tuma.

Also according to the delegate, the gardener and the security guard were arrested at a residence in which provided services in the Ponta Negra neighborhood. But the mechanic was intercepted in the house where he lived, in the New Town neighborhood, North Zone, and the painter was found by the teams in his residence, the Aleixo neighborhood, Central zone south of the capital.

The four were charged with rape of vulnerable. At the end of procedures applicable in DEPCA, the four offenders will be taken to the Detention Center Provisional Male (CDPM), which will be available to the Justice.

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