Administrative Reform Government of Amazonas is in the planning stages, says Dermilson Chagas

Extinção ou fusão de secretarias não comprometem funcionamento da máquina pública de acordo com o líder do governo na Aleam.
11/10/2017 14h14 - Updated 11/10/2017 14h14
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The leader of the Government in the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (OF-AM), Dermilson Chagas (PEN), He said the Administrative Reform is still in the planning stages. The MP did not rule out the merger or closure of departments, but assured the proper functioning of public administration.

"The Amazon does not lose its way if there is a merger or extinguishment of any folder. The governor will drive the best way, and so that the Administrative Reform is made, It will be sent to the ALE-AM to discuss the parliamentary ", he explained Dermilson.

The government leader explained, the tribune of the ALE-AM that the State Government, after 6 days of the inauguration of Governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT), It is analyzing the surveys by the Transition Commission of the interim government to the elected government. "Reform is not ready. Ending the commission data analysis, the focus will be the reform ", scored.

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