Cable break affects telephone and internet in the states of North and Northeast

According to Anatel, operators whose services are interrupted must reimburse its customers.
27/10/2017 14h10 - Updated 28/10/2017 12h04
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Disruption of fiber optic cables affected telephone and internet services in the states of North and Northeast of the country since last Tuesday (24). According to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), operators whose services are interrupted must reimburse their customers for the interruption in service delivery, even if it has been caused by third parties.

The most serious situation was recorded in Acre, at where, according to the director of Procon State, Diego Rodrigues, there was a general blackout of telecommunications on Wednesday (25) it's Thursday (26). "All operators were without phone signal throughout the state, causing a lot of damage to public services, to businesses and consumers in general ", Rodrigues said the Agency Brazil.

The acriano consumer protection agency has notified the Hi, Claro, Tim and Vivo to report the causes of the problem in the state. "Until now, we know, unofficially, it would have been the breaking of a cable. But we wait for an official position and, according to answers, instauraremos administrative proceedings that may result in the application of fines provided for in the Consumer Protection Code ".

According to the director of Procon, interruptions in the supply of telephone and internet services are frequent in Acre. "It's a recurring problem. The services, though expensive, they are terrible. We guide consumers who have losses or feel disrespected to seek the Procon and formalize a complaint to try to obtain reparation and to have elements to request stricter Anatel in the inspection of operators ".

On the night of Thursday (26), the Hi confirmed the Brazil Agency that their services were also affected in parts of southern and eastern regions of the states of Maranhão and Pará. Early, the operator had reported that the mobile services, broadband and long distance fixed-line had been interrupted in the states of Acre and Rondonia. The company said all cases were caused by "fiber optic cable disruption of operator, caused by third parties ".

Anatel confirmed, since Tuesday (24), Daily has received notifications relating to breakage of optical fibers. The last four cases in the North and Northeast occurred on Tuesday morning (24), Rondônia. According to the regulator, the Hi took four hours to restore service delivery.

On Wednesday (25), the disruption of other fiber Hi happened in Acre and disrupted services between 23h and 2h Thursday (26). Still on Wednesday, and also in Acre, there was disruption of fiber optic Embratel, whose services were unavailable for almost 15 hours. Anatel has also been reported the breakup of another optical fiber Hi Acre, at 12:25 Thursday (26). According to the agency, the route was re-established around 14h. The advice of the HI did not confirm the latter case.

Also according to Anatel, Maranhão's communications Hi were discontinued from 10 am to noon Thursday (26) because of breakage of a fiber optic cable, which also affected telephone services in Pará.

According to Fernando Gobbi, project coordinator of CPqD, institution that works with research and development of information and communication technologies, breaking the optical fiber cable is somewhat common and can be caused by several reasons.

"There's too much trouble with the cable break, It is caused by construction and earthmoving services, it's because thieves confuse them with those that have copper wire and steal. To avoid interruption of services, companies often use a protection system that allows the signals to be diverted to other routes when a fiber breaks. But when the double disruption occurs, disruption is inevitable ", Gobbi explained, revealing ever be commercially available technologies that streamline the identification of the problem, providing the repair is done in less time. "It's a solution that does not prevent the cable break, but prevents technical lose a lot of time looking for the point where there was disruption, reducing harm to consumers ".

By the end of November, Anatel plans to interview 140 thousand consumers to measure the degree of satisfaction with the provision of fixed broadband services, fixed and mobile telephony and pay TV. Interviews are being made by phone, with randomly selected respondents.

The Survey Research Satisfaction and Perceived Quality of Telecommunication Service Users 2017 evaluates the services provided by Claro, Oi, Tim, Vivo, cable Telecom, Porto Seguro, deleted, Algar Telecom, Sercomtel, Nextel, Net, Sky and Our TV and covers all states of the federation. The results should be released in March 2018.

Alex Rodrigues – Agency Brazil

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